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Muhammet Abdullah HAMURCU

Stating increases in exchange rates were not effective on exports alone, Muhammet Abdullah Hamurcu, Foreign Trade Manager of Hüras Elevator said; “As an export activity, we further expanded our production range. In 2020, our company started manufacturing of various elevator materials as well as elevator door production. In addition, we supply other elevator materials that we do not produce and offer them to our foreign customers.’’

Expressing that exporters need a stable exchange rate and business environment, rather than  constantly increasing exchange rates, Hamurcu said the following about the markets they export to, their targets and the problems they face: “As Hüras Elevator, our market density is mostly in Africa, the Middle East, Balkan countries and developing countries. All of our products attract attention. However, economic changes increase the demands of our customers. In addition, the changes in the products brought by the new norms attract the attention of our customers. 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. The efforts made to eliminate the problems experienced during the pandemic period also caused the emergence of new products in the sectors. Elevator cabin sterilization products produced by our sector are one of them. Compared to last year, we increased our production by 80 percent despite the pandemic, and accordingly, we set our 2021 export target as 60 percent of our production. The negative perception in the image of ‘Made in Turkey’ can be considered as one of the biggest problems with respect to our sector in the foreign market. The image of poor quality cheap goods makes it difficult for Turkish elevator manufacturers to be successful in the foreign market at the desired level. The export companies from our country have difficulty in changing the image left by the companies from our country that have previously operated in the markets they are planning to enter and provided poor service.’’