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"The main way the infection spreads is through the airways and close contact. Elevators, being a public means of transportation in a closed environment, pose an increased danger during a pandemic. Therefore, users prefer elevators with a non-contact control panel and a disinfecting ventilation system."

We spoke with İleri Group financial manager Ebru İleri about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the elevator industry and the company's plans for this. Ms. İleri said that the first task in responding to the emergence of the virus in Turkey was to meet with the "emergency response teams" and added: "Following such meetings, we updated the company's emergency response plan and risk analysis. In accordance with the updated plans, we have developed, implemented and regularly used new procedures and hygiene rules in all public places. "

Assessing the impact of the pandemic on elevator construction, Ebru İleri also said that the rapid global spread of Covid-19 and the ensuing tough measures led to a slowdown in the development of the construction industry and other areas, and this situation directly affected elevator construction.

Ms. İleri said that the pandemic that came from China provided elevator manufacturers with difficulties with Chinese suppliers or wanting to change suppliers to look for new alternatives. She said: “The main way the infection spreads is through the airways and close contact. Elevators, being a public vehicle in a closed environment, pose an increased risk of the spread of the virus. Therefore, users prefer elevators with a non-contact control panel and a disinfecting ventilation system. Considering the situation from this point of view, we believe that new technologies need to be implemented and disseminated as soon as possible. Thus, we will not be mistaken if we say that in the near future active growth is expected in the work of research centers. "

- Alternative raw material suppliers found

Ms. Ebru Ileri said that the İleri Group, due to the creation of a new network of suppliers of raw materials, does not have any difficulties with deliveries during the Covid-19 pandemic and, accordingly, seamlessly fulfills its supply obligations to customers.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has become an important milestone in many areas, and its effects will be felt for many years. We understand the need to assess the crisis in a wider context, as well as an analysis of future risks and a preparation plan and, accordingly, updating the scenarios of our actions.” said Ebru İleri, while also adding that they started to focus on electronics, software and sustainable new technologies within the scope of R&D studies in this period.

Ms. Ileri talked about six new plans: “Measures for internal corporate use”, “Measures for employees”, “Measures for candidates for interviews”, “Measures for unauthorized persons delivering materials and documents”, “Measures in relation to work with subcontractors ”,“ Measures for visitors ”, quickly and comprehensively developed at the beginning of the pandemic. She also noted that in addition to these measures, the company conducted work and surveys with non-governmental organizations and associations, discussed problems in detail and shared its impressions and results with the government and competent authorities.

- We do not plan to make changes on the company's goals for 2020

Measures taken to combat the pandemic have affected the goals of many companies. We asked how these measures affected the İleri Group, and Ebru Ileri said that the company does not experience a serious decline in demand during the pandemic, and that at this stage the company does not intend to revise its 2020 goals, as the company's sales are export-oriented, and the influence of Covid -19 in countries where products are exported, relatively low.

“Measures taken in response to the pandemic have shown that Covid-19 has led to a transformation that can be felt in many areas over the years,” said Ms İleri. “Regarding the normalization process, we believe that by the end of the pandemic, we can talk about a return to previous performance indicators by the 3rd quarter of 2021. However, as we have already mentioned, the spread of the virus and its influence the determining factors for the normalization process. Unfortunately, at this stage it is not possible to specify a clear date. As for the global elevator industry, I think that the current situation with a decrease in production will continue after the 4th quarter of 2020. As we mentioned, because of the epidemic in China, there has been a serious decline in Chinese export rates. In this case, existing customers can begin to search for new suppliers. We should consider this an opportunity and try to benefit from it.

We believe that now it is necessary to create a global organization to respond to changes in the formation of the world after a pandemic. To do this, it is necessary to assess the current "catastrophe", globally promote action scenarios in the near future, and mobilize decision-making processes at the global level.

In the process of a pandemic, we will witness a short-term and long-term stoppage of activity of weak companies, as well as mergers of various companies. Within 5-10 years, we will start seeing new names in the industry: mainly these will be companies that put research work in the field of elevator construction at the forefront of their activities.

İleri Group continues to move towards its goals in accordance with the vision, mission and policy of evaluating the value of the company, while taking all necessary measures.