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Interlift 2022

At the end of last April, a large number of players in the elevator sector met in Augsburg. Interlift 2022, held in Augsburg, Germany between 26-29 April 2022, opened its doors after a two-and-a-half-year break.

This year's exhibition of Interlift, which is rightly among the important fairs of the elevator sector, could not deserve to be the final event for the elevator industry, where contacts deepen and good works are done. Interlift 2022 was pale compared to previous years in terms of both the number of exhibitors and visitors. The fact that the fair date coincides with the month of Ramadan, Germany's stance on visa and vaccination issues, the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the fact that global brands do not participate in the fair overshadowed Interlift's overall success for 2022. 

However, the participants still think that the fair will catch up with the old success of the fair with the announcement of the global brands that they will take their places again in the next exhibition and that Interlift will continue as one of the important meetings of the elevator sector.

- 350 exhibitors and 11,800 industry professionals from 87 countries
Despite the negative conditions we have mentioned, according to the statement made by AFAG, the organizer of the exhibition, 11,800 sector professionals from 87 countries visited Interlift 2022, which included 350 participants. 

"The fair, which is the first major event of the sector, brought the international elevator family together for the first time in two and a half years. And probably everyone involved is happy. The survey conducted by the Gelszus Trade Fair Market Survey also makes it clear how important it is for exhibitors and visitors to be in Augsburg. Despite the harsh general conditions, 11,800 trade visitors from 87 countries came to Augsburg to learn about innovations and trends in the elevator industry. The opinions of both visitors and 350 exhibitors were clearly positive. 

The proportion of high-level decision-makers among visitors remains high.
The professional quality of the visitors and their decision-making competence has been one of the most important factors for Interlift's success since the very beginning. That hasn't changed in 2022. 68 percent of the visitors are the determinants or co-decision-makers in purchasing decisions. An additional 17 percent of visitors drive investments, at least in their advisory capacity. Almost one in two visitors come to start a collaboration or to do the preliminary research of the collaboration. 30 percent of visitors have already signed agreements at the fair. 71 percent of visitors contacted exhibitors to make deals after Interlift. 57 percent visited Interlift to learn about the latest developments in the elevator sector.

We are also here in 2023!

The majority of the 350 elevator companies involved were also happy to be in Augsburg. For most of the companies, the fair went well. Three out of every four exhibitors were very satisfied with the exhibition. Expectations for business after the fair are also high. 78 percent of the exhibitors who answered the survey described the fair as 'very good', 'good', or 'satisfactory'. According to the survey, 85 percent of respondents have already said they will participate in Interlift 2023. When the undecided ones come out, 3 percent do not plan to participate again.

220 registrations have already been received for Interlift 2023, which will be held from 17 to 20 October 2023
Just four weeks after the publication of the participation documents, 220 registrations were received, including many brands that were not available in 2022.

With 220 registrations, 88 percent of the space at Interlift 2022 is already full.
Important representatives of the sector such as Wittur, Orona, Meiller, Lift Equip, Genemek, Montanari, Prisma, Schaefer, and Ali Onur will present their innovations in Augsburg on 17-20 October 2023. There will also be major joint presentations, again such as those from Italy and China.

More than 40 Turkish brands participated in Interlift 2022
More than 40 Turkish brands exhibited their products at their stands at Interlift 2022, which was held in Augsburg, Germany between 26-29 April 2022. The companies participating in the fair are as follows; AH&MET Asansör, Akiş Asansör, Akiş Hidrolik, Akiş Kablo, Akra Asansör, Aksöz Makina, Aktif Güç Elemanları, Alam Asansör, Ali Onur Asansör, Amada Tech, Ametal, Arkel, Artı Kasnak, ASGE Metal, Aspar, Aybey Elektronik, Blues of İstanbul, Bulut Makina, Butkon, Çokyaşar Halat, Emay Mühendislik, Eker Makina, Fenac Mühendislik, GENEMEK, Güven Çelik Halat, Has Asansör, Hedefsan, İDA Asansör, İntegra, Kormas, Mars Asansör, Mik-el Elektronik, Önersan, Özbeşler Asansör, Önder Lift, Poltime, Prolift Asansör, Prosis Asansör, Rate Asansör, Selkas Makina, Tekin Makina, Teori Mühendislik, Türkeli Ray.