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interlift 2023

This year, more than 500 companies participated in the fair, 27% of which were German, with the rest coming from abroad. Of the 73 percent foreign exhibitors, 18 percent were Turkish companies. Around 19,000 experts from more than 110 countries came to Augsburg from October 17 to 20 to

learn about innovations and trends in the elevator industry. The organizers of the Interlift 2023 fair said that the fair has returned to the pre-corona period.

Interlift 2023 showed a return to the pre-corona pandemic era. Around 19,000 visitors, including industry professionals from more than 110 countries, were in Augsburg to learn about innovations and trends in the industry. Like more than 500 exhibitors, the visitors gave interlift 2023 full marks.

Henning and Thilo Könicke, managing directors of organizers AFAG, said of the fair: "Interlift 2023 was a great success. We are very happy with the high level of satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors who were able to make good business deals. There is already great excitement about the prospects for Interlift 2025."

As usual, the opening press conference was held on the first morning of Interlift. With more than 500 exhibitors from 38 countries, Interlift 2023 once again proved to be one of the most important events of the elevator industry.

It has never been so international: 73 percent of interlift 2023's participants came from outside Germany, followed by Italy. 23% of the foreign participants came from Italy. Turkey followed with 18 percent, China with 15 percent and Spain with 9 percent. With 4 percent, India came in 5th place with its first major partner presentation. interlift 2023 offered the best overview of what the world market has to offer.

Top marks from Interlift visitors

The evaluation of intrerlift 2023, one of the world's leading trade fairs, by international trade visitors was also generally positive. The organizers' exhibition statistics claimed that 93% of visitors surveyed gave 'very good' or 'satisfactory' ratings to the exhibitors' range of products and services. Likewise, 92% plan to visit the fair again. More than two thirds of those surveyed are involved in purchasing decisions in a decisive or co-determining way; 18% of visitors are involved in investments at least in an advisory capacity; 46% of visitors surveyed said they had secured an investment by coming to prepare or co-determine investments and 28% said they had already made a deal at the fair.

Given the crisis in the construction sector in Europe and also in China, assessments of the future development of the sector are cautious: 58% of the visitors surveyed expect an increase in development in the next few years. In 2022, this figure was 67%. Even 14% expect the development of the elevator sector to weaken.

Achim Hütter, President of VFA-Interlift e.V., who held many meetings during the four days of interlift, said: "Despite the decline in new housing construction, interlift 2023 was a superb trade fair. We had great technical discussions and a lot of insight into the quality of the fair. The visitors were excellent. Many exhibitors told me that interlift 2023 was the best trade fair they have ever been to."

Positive feedback from international participants

The high number of visitors and their high quality provided a positive balance for interlift 2023. Thus, 90% of exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with their participation. Expectations for the post-show business were also high, with 90% of the exhibitors at interlift 2023 reporting "very good", "good" or "satisfactory" expectations. 90% of the participants have already indicated that they will participate in Interlift 2025.

Nearly 60 Turkish brands exhibited at interlift 2023

The intensity of Turkish companies drew attention again at interlift 2023 held in Augsburg between October 17-20. Nearly 60 companies from Turkey participated in the fair. The companies that opened stands at Interlift 2023 and introduced their brands and products; ABT Polyurethane, Ada Lift, Akar Asansör, Akış Asansör, Akiş Hidrolik, Akiş Kablo, Aktif Elektroteknik, Ali Onur Asansör, Ametal

Asansör, ARD Mühendislik, Arkel Elektronik, Artı Kasnak, AYSAD, Bimelka Metal, Cel-Mer, CEO Elevator, Eker Makina, Eleport Bulut Bilişim, EMAK, EMF Motor, Ergin Makina, Fenac, GENEMEK, Güven Çelik Halat, Hedefsan, Hera Lift, Integra Asansör, Kormas, Küçük Group, Liftern Asnasör, Liftkeys, Lifttech, Lift Vision Magazine, Löher, Machinery Exporters' Association, Mars Elevator,

Megaradar, Merih Asansör, Mesan Asansör, Mik-El, Nergiz Kablo, Nidec Acim Turkey, Önersan, Önder Lift, Poltime, Prolift, Prosis Asansör, Qualift, Rate Asansör, Solutions Engineering, TASIAD, Teori Engineering, TMS Tekin Makina, Türkeli Ray, Uygar Asansör and Vini Engelli Sistemleri.

Great interest in interlift 2025 in Nuremberg

More than 120 participants of the interlift have already registered for the follow-up event in Nuremberg while the interlift is still ongoing. These already represent a third of the total field. These exhibitors include major companies such as Cobianchi, Kollmorgen, Lift Equip, Meiler, MP Lift, New Lift, Orona, Prudhomme, Serapid, TÜV Süd and the Italian association ANICA. Collective stands from Italy, India and China have also already made commitments for 2025 and in some cases announced an increase in exhibition space.

The sector is looking forward to 2025

The fair organizers announced that Interlift will be held in Nuremberg for the first time in 2025 between October 14-17. The following information was given in the statement: "We already have a new date and a new location for the world's leading trade fair for the elevator industry in 2025. The next interlift will take place at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center from October 14-17, 2025. The relocation of the world's leading trade fair opens up new possibilities for the further development of the event. Nuremberg, the new home of the trade fair, made its debut at this year's Interlift in Hall 2 and gave the industry a warm welcome. As the professional partner and organizer of the trade fair AFAG, VFA-Interlift e.V. will remain unchanged.

Interlift is the leading trade fair for elevators and in 2023 brought together more than 500 exhibitors to present their innovations and products to guests from all over the world. Around 19,000 visitors from home and abroad attended the four-day show. For many experts, associations and companies, interlift is the only industry trade fair they will visit this year. The professional partner VFA-Interlift, the Association for Elevator Technology, and interlift organizer AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen, in consultation with the fair's advisory board, jointly decided on the new location. Achim Hütter, President of VFA-Interlift e.V., said: 'This decision was not easy for us. Augsburg has been a committed and competent partner of interlift since 1991. With our move to Nuremberg, we are setting the course for further development of interlift, which is not available at the current location. With a proven concept but with new potential, we are already looking forward to welcoming interlift 2025 in Nuremberg.

- Nuremberg becomes the new home of interlift

Messe Nuremberg is one of the TOP 15 in the world and offers exhibitors and visitors an ideal infrastructure. The Interlift 2025 is located in Halls 1 to 5 and connects to two large entrance areas and the convention centers NCC Ost and NCC Mitte, offering a wide range of possibilities for conferences, meetings and supporting events with numerous rooms and halls.

Nuremberg Mayor Marcus König is pleased that the interlift will be held in Nuremberg in the future: 'This is the strengthening of Nuremberg as an exhibition venue. With interlift, a world-leading trade fair is coming to us, and this trade fair fits our fairground very well in terms of portfolio and business location. The Nuremberg Messe is an important economic factor for the city and the region.

The Nuremberg Exhibition Center is easy to reach by car, train or via the international airport. The Exhibition Center can be reached by metro from Nuremberg airport in 25 minutes and from the main train station in just eight minutes. The wide range of hotels in Nuremberg and the well-connected surrounding area ensures that there are enough hotel beds available even during trade fair times.

As the long-standing home of interlift, Augsburg has provided interlift with the perfect setting for more than 30 years and set the course for the steady development of the event. With its infrastructure, the Augsburg Trade Fair Center has contributed to interlift becoming the world's leading trade fair, and exhibitors can also showcase their detailed presentations and innovations in the elevator industry here. The Augsburg trade fair location and the Free State of Bavaria have always supported the development of international trade fairs, which is why the retention of interlift was a matter of concern for both VFA-Interlift and the organizing company AFAG Messen und

Ausstellungen GmbH. In Bavaria. AFAG Managing Directors Henning and Thilo Könicke see good opportunities for the future development of interlift in Nuremberg and say: 'Interlift has grown in Augsburg. Both the Augsburg Trade Fair Center and the city and region of Augsburg have provided a good home for interlift, welcoming guests from all over the world with open arms for many years. Although the industry feels at home here, the move has become necessary in order to meet the growing demands. It is important to us that Interlift keeps its home. The new location in Bavaria, the well-established team The proven interlift team at trade fair organizer AFAG and VFA Interlift e.V. will continue to work to ensure proximity to the many southern European exhibitors and visitors. As professional partners, we look forward to welcoming elevator experts from all over the world to Nuremberg.

About Interlift

Interlift has been held in Augsburg every two years since 1991 and offers a wide range of exhibits on elevators, elevator components and accessories. Interlift, where new products and innovations from various sectors are presented and the entire industry meets here in person, started in 1991 in Augsburg with around 300 exhibitors and almost 14,000 visitors. The growth of the event has continued steadily until 2019. Around 20,000 visitors from all over the world regularly come to discover the products of 600 international exhibitors."

Interlift will be held for the first time in Nuremberg on October 14-17, 2025.