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Lifts have become an integral part of our lives. They are indicators of a comfortable layout of the building and, especially during the development of new technologies, take mobility services to a new level. What is of particular importance for ensuring comfort and safe living from the point of view of passenger and freight transportation is the supply of spare parts, as well as regular and complete maintenance of elevators. It also expands the responsibility of companies manufacturing and servicing elevators in maintaining them in working condition, especially in such objects with heavy traffic as hospitals, nursing homes, towers, etc. Recognizing this responsibility, the Turkish elevator-building industry continues its production and maintenance of elevators during the global pandemic Covid-19.


Turkish elevators are closely monitoring the current situation which is still ongoing for all the customers, suppliers and industry workers all over the world and in Turkey in particular. The industry continues its activities during the “pandemic”, paying close attention to the health of workers in offices, in the workplace and in the field of service.

Starting from the first day of the Covid-19 epidemic, elevators, who have taken responsibility for the full urban life cycle, are implementing plans to maintain production continuity, protect employees, and prevent the spread of infection.

Today, safety and health is a top priority for the entire industry

Manufacturers and installers of elevator equipment take all necessary measures to ensure a safe and efficient workflow and protect the health and well-being of employees and customers, that is, society. To this end, R&D companies have begun to work on disinfection systems for public elevators with a high risk of infection with Covid-19.

In the elevator-building sector, innovative high-tech solutions are being developed that ensure constant hygiene: choosing a floor using a QR code, voice control, a foot-activated call button, and a disinfection system for elevator cabins and escalator handrails using ultraviolet radiation that destroys viruses and bacteria.

Industry representatives provide elevator and escalator users with the information they need about safe use with warning signs, brochures, and printed materials. Thus, they showed their readiness for the transition of Turkish elevator companies to "NEW NORMALITY".

From day one, the Covid-19 epidemic affected the physical, economic, and emotional aspects of life. Although at the beginning of the pandemic, humanity had the hope of its quick completion, by the 8th week it became clear that it would be much longer than anticipated. According to surveys conducted by Twentify, the expectation of the end of the pandemic in the first half of 2020 decreased from 62% to 37% (as of May 8). The percentage of those who think that we can return to normal life only after 2021 increased from 4% to 9%. This means that even if we return to normal life in such a short time, we will have to move to a new normality. So, how is Turkish elevator construction preparing for a new normality?