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With the quality of the products we produce, İtimat Elevator is a company that started its activities in 1998 with the aim of providing safety of life and property, increasing the quality of life and contributing to the country's economy by providing employment opportunities with the principle of offering products that are worthy of its name. Continuing its operations in Konya in line with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, İtimat Asansör Ltd. Şti is currently operating in a closed area of 7000 m2 with its professional team of 55. Here, we respond to our customers' needs in the fastest way possible. Itimat Elevator provides service in accordance with world standards in manufacturing, project, etc. Engaging in  not only the domestic sales, but also in exporting the product, İtimat Elevator raises the tier of success with the support it receives from its customers, while, on the other hand, also revealing its own quality in line with the following principle: “Your trust in us is proof of our success.” As of the beginning of 2019, we have taken our first step towards becoming a leading company in the sector in automatic door systems by creating the brand “itimatdoor” on the basis of high quality and assurance perspective. In this way, it is among our goals to carry our brand to the forefront with the principle of providing excellent service.   And as of 2019, we started export the products of ITIMATLIFT brand to 4 continents and 35 countries, offering to our customers. As İtimatlift, our first goal is to increase the number of countries from 35 to 50 and to deliver the quality of our brand to these countries. 

We strengthen the customer satisfaction level with the guarantee assurance along with the after sales and delivery services. Our company, adding years of experience to the products we produce using the latest technological machines, makes our customers smile with its high quality service. İtimat Lift advances to the future with confident steps with its strong management team, by means of reaching its customer portfolio through skilled engineers, technical personnel and affordable prices,


Our mission is to be the leading company preferred at home and abroad with our understanding of high quality and safe service that suits the name of İtimat elevator and itimat lift.


Our vision is to follow the technological and professional developments closely in the industry, while reaching the goals we set, without compromising customer satisfaction, in order to become a leading company in the sector that raises the product quality perspective to the top tier.


• To gain the trust of our customers with the quality of the products we produce and to adopt the principle that one will have a single chance to earn the trust of another.

• To ensure life and property safety of everyone using our elevators.

• To offer a service approach focused on customer satisfaction.

• To stabilize quality in after sales service.

• To contribute to the national economy by providing employment.

• To make our customers feel the difference of the brand "İtimat and İtilatlift" in our products.