02 Şubat 2021,KAHTAN YUNUS, MANAGER OF FOREIGN TRADE: MERİH ELEVATOR FOUNDED  TO BECOME A WORLD BRAND, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Kahtan Yunus, Manager of Foreign Trade of Merih Elevator, stated that 2020 started positively in terms of exports and said, “When we evaluated January and February, we progressed by providing added value compared to the previous year. However, as of March, the bans that came as a result of the pandemic increase in our country and in our world caused a decrease in our exports. Despite the decline, when we evaluate it on a yearly basis, we approached our targets for 2020. We kept in touch with our customers using our technological infrastructure during the year. We were able to reach and communicate with our new customers by using technology effectively. We continued to host our guests in our factory due to the easing of the bans in the summer and the opening of international flights. Despite the pandemic and the negativities experienced, we turned the crisis into an opportunity and continued our sales intensely.

Regarding the sustainable export policy for 2021, Kahtan Yunus, said; ‘‘Our company has a certain quality at home and abroad. With our 43 years of experience, we are proud and happy to export abroad. We perform various efforts and endeavors to increase our customer portfolio. Especially, we prioritize customer satisfaction. With our new investments, innovative approach, developing and growing team, we continue our uninterrupted efforts to fully respond to the demands of the market. We want to successfully introduce Merih Asansör brand to the whole world. We attend international fairs and hold 'b2b' meetings to explain ourselves to our customers better. In addition, we pay more attention to online interviews and virtual fairs, which have entered into our lives recently, and we plan to move forward in this direction in the coming time. Our goal is to successfully represent our country abroad and create a leading elevator brand in the world. We plan our company's strategy accordingly’’.

Kahtan Yunus noted that as Merih Elevator they have been exporting to more than 65 countries for long years and geopolitically Turkey has a very important position. Kahtan Yunus, Manager of Foreign Trade of Merih Elevator who said ‘‘Turkey has attracted the attention of many international investors. First of all, we must appreciate the region we live in. Due to the regional advantage, we can easily address many markets” continued his words as; ‘‘We consider the world as a whole. We do not distinguish between regions. We exhibit the same interest for entire regions. Merih Elevator has set out to become a world brand. It has created its strategies and products accordingly.