01 Şubat 2021,KEPİ ASANSÖR WITH ITS NEW FACILITY, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Emre İpek, as the CEO of Kepi Asansör, said that their aim is to increase the current capacity by 50% with the advantages of the new facilities.

Placing great emphasis on package elevator sales, Kepi Asansör closed the sale of 600 elevators as bundle in 2017. Having an experience on non-standard products like 8 tones 2 stops hydraulic, 24 stops 2.5 m/sc passenger elevator, 25 stops 2.5 m/sc fireman elevators, which require information and experience, Kepi Asansör uses the self-production cabins for packages up to 2.5m/sc.

Mentioning to increase the monthly capacity of 60 bundle elevators by 50% at the new facilities totalling to 3.000 square meters, İpek talked about the export activities, as well. İpek said: “We exported to Algeria, Bahrain in the past. After moving into our new facility, we strengthened our foreign business team, taking new steps to introduce our company to the world, prioritizing the Middle East and Balkans. We are trying effortlessly to sell Turkish branded elevators. Our objective is to reserve at least 30% of our current capacity for exportation. This year, we will be participating in Euro Lift 2018 to be held in Poland between 2nd – 4th October. We progress as a team with the motto that “We are the new player in the world market”.