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Kepi Elevator Systems, which was founded by Emre İpek in 2015 and continued its activities in 2016 with the partnership of Ertan Madencan, continued its path with elevator material sales by adding manufacturing. The company, which produces cabins, automatic doors, and steel constructions, has become one of the most sought-after and leading companies in the industry by specializing in package elevators and equipment.

Kepi Elevator Systems, which moved to its new production facility with an indoor area of 4000 square meters in ASO 2nd OSB in order to increase its production capacity and speed up its export activities with its experience in package elevator systems, had the opportunity to expand its product range and take quick action.

Ertan Madencan, Factory Manager of Kepi Elevator Systems noted that they will make significant breakthroughs in both exports and production diversity with the advantages of moving to their new facility. Stating that they aim for a hundred percent customer satisfaction with faster, smoother, more reliable, and superior service to their customers with the expert staff they have empowered in their new facilities, Madencan said, "We have all domestic and imported elevator components. Within an elevator shaft, the components that will make the elevator work smoothly. We attach great importance to the sale of package elevator systems, which make up the whole of it. When our customers inform us about the dimensions of the well, we offer them a shaft layout based on the features and dimensions they want, and we help them in choosing the right product." 

Underlining that as Kepi family, their main goal is to supply their customers with package elevator systems, Ertan Madencan noted that they have completed the projects of their customers and business partners, from the design part of the elevator to the follow-up and realization of the manufacturing processes, completely error-free and with optimum cost.

"The most common issue we encounter in customer feedback and surveys is that we provide complete package materials. However, I think that our engineering team's experience in project design, the integrity of the services we provide and our unique cabin designs making a difference are our main reasons for preference." Ertan Madencan explained the process that led to the necessity to move production facilities to a new location as a company: "We were only manufacturing cabins in the last months of 2019. Our production facility was only capable of manufacturing cabins. We started to experience space problems when we started manufacturing automatic doors. First, we tried to solve the space problem with additional buildings around OSTİM. However, we had difficulties in producing in different buildings. Finally, we had we moved to our new production facility where we can carry out all our production and services together.

We provide services to our customers in an area of 4000 square meters in our new production facility. In our production facility, we have had the opportunity to take faster action to increase customer satisfaction and expand our product range. Together with the latest technology sheet metal processing machines such as laser cutting, press brake bending, etc. in our machine park, we carry out our productions as required by the era in the process from design to the final product.
We continue our preparations for future demands by planning our new machinery investments in line with our future goals.
After the process of moving to the new factory, our need for qualified personnel has increased significantly, especially in the automatic door and cabin department. We are still recruiting new staff.

The biggest factor in our decision to move was our capacity utilization rate and the problems experienced in process transfers. We have now largely surpassed these, and we continue to work on developing new production systems to further increase our capacity."

- We achieved an intense export pace
Ertan Madencan, who stated that the quality of the response to their own demands is one of the factors that import-oriented foreign customers pay particular attention to, said that they achieved an intense export pace with the qualified returns they provided to the demands from abroad, the fairs they attended and the contributions of the foreign trade units.

Stating that they focused on the Turkic Republics, the Middle East and Russia as the target market in particular, Madencan said, "For this purpose, we established a dealership in Uzbekistan and started to provide services including assembly. We are trying to position our productions on the export axis at a rate of 80 percent.

In our manufacturing facilities, we are currently producing elevator automatic doors, cabin, carcass and steel construction. We aim to be among the top 5 companies in Turkey by expanding the scope of our automatic door products, increasing our market share with qualitative diversity and increases in quantity.

We will continue to offer our customers innovative and special designs that will make a difference in our elevator cabin production. In this direction, we aim to increase the awareness of the 'KEPI' brand with cabin designs that we have specially made for our overseas customers and their projects."

Ertan Madencan, Factory Manager of Kepi Elevator Systems continued his words; "As a person who especially follows every issue of Asansör Vizyon Magazine, I was pleased to conduct this interview. On behalf of our company, we thank the Asansör Vizyon family for this nice conversation."