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As Kırıker Metal, we took the steps of institutionalization in our adventure, which we started in 1974, and today we continue as a company with a closed area of 12000 square meters and whose products are used in nearly 60 countries. Developing with continuous and solid steps, Kırıker Metal started to manufacture fully automatic elevator doors with the brand "LIFTOR" in 2018. Our company is currently serving the sector by producing 6000 to 7000 doors per month with 160 personnel.

Our company is at a good point in the sector in the production of landing and cabin doors. The reason for this is that we produce quality and reliable doors. Some of the security systems in our productions belong to the suppliers and some of them belong to our company. Locking devices on the floor and cabin doors belonging to our company are produced in accordance with Turkish Standards. Our locking device and door leaf strength have been tested to prove that our doors are safe. As a result of these tests, our doors are produced with the CE mark.

As Kırıker Metal Asansör, we basically produce 3 types of products. These are 'Semi-Automatic Door', 'Automatic Door' and 'Kramer' folding doors. E 120 – EW 30 for semi-automatic doors, E 120 – E 60 and EW 120 for automatic doors. Our process continues with EI certificate in automatic doors. However, we also have the documents requested by some countries and regions, and some of them are still in process.

As Kırıker Metal, we always make all our productions in accordance with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) standards, regulations and quality management systems.

In this context, TS EN 81-58 standard has been our most important basis while determining the design and production stages of the elevator landing doors we manufacture. This standard covers a method for determining the fire resistance of elevator landing doors that may be exposed to fire on the landing side. The process applies to all landing doors in buildings that are used to access elevators and are designed to prevent the spread of fire through the elevator shaft.

All of the passenger elevator landing doors in our current production have TS EN 81-58 standard conformity certificate. The test processes of our certificates of conformity were carried out in TSE laboratories and private laboratories. In this context, our testing and reporting processes are recorded. If requested by our customers, our test reports are shared with them