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Serdar Kaymak, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Kırıker Metal, gave information about the export activities of 2021 and stated that they spent 2021 as a year in which the effects of the pandemic were felt, albeit limited, and continued as follows, "We took steps to increase our export market share in 2021. The share of exports in our total production has reached 60 percent. While increasing the share of our exports in total production, we attached importance to increasing the diversity of foreign markets. We have achieved our goal of increasing the number of countries we trade with instead of sending our products to a few countries intensively." 

Noting that they closed 2021 with a 40 percent growth in exports compared to the previous year, Kaymak said that they aim to grow between 25 percent and 30 percent in the foreign market by the end of 2022. Expressing that they want to achieve their targeted growth by adding different countries to their market shares, Kaymak added that their commercial and market expectations for 2022 are positive and that they have made their plans according to this positive expectation.

- In 2022, we will establish a country-based dealership system 
Stating that they plan to establish a country-based dealership system as a sustainable export policy in 2022, Kaymak said; "As Kırıker Metal, our policy is to move forward by establishing a country-based dealership system for sustainable exports. We will achieve this by sticking to the door manufacturing, which is our area of expertise. We strive to make our exports sustainable by continuing to produce quality products and with a well-equipped customer technical service network.  We are working on strategic collaborations by increasing the awareness of our brands such as "Doorlife" and "Liftor" within Kırıker Metal in the world. We think that branding and sustainable exports are directly correlated.”

Mentioning that they invested in machinery in order to increase their market share, and that they continue to work on production by increasing both capacity and quality, Serdar Kaymak added that they have certified their products in accordance with the standards of the countries they export to, and that they have been at the final stage of the process of obtaining EAC and SEPRO certificates.  

Providing information about its current investments and R & D studies, Serdar Kaymak, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Kırıker Metal said, “Despite the difficult pandemic period, as Kırıker Metal Elevator, we invested 3 million TL in 2020 and 5 million TL in 2021on machinery and equipment.  We will continue our investments in 2022 as well. Kırıker Metal not only carries out R&D studies on its products, but also carries out improvement and development studies regarding efficiency in production, environmental awareness and working conditions.’’ 

Noting that as Kırıker Metal, they only operate in the production and sale of semi-automatic, automatic door, kramer door products, which are their production and expertise, Serdar Kaymak stated that they want to be the locomotive company in the door supply of the elevator industry.

Kaymak said, "I think the point that makes us different in the industry is to enable the development of quality products by only doing the work that is our expertise, and to carry out activities to fully meet the needs of our stakeholders who need doors." 

- The disruption of the supply chain and the increase in commodity prices negatively affected our industry in 2021 
Explaining that the main problem affecting the elevator industry as well as other industrys, which he considers the most important for the elevator industry in 2021, is the disruption of the supply chain, Serdar Kaymak noted that the reflection of the disruption of the supply chain on commodity prices also deeply affects the industry. 

Kaymak stated that the exchange rate increases in the last quarter of the year also affected the elevator industry economically:

"In 2021, the intense foreign demand to Turkey and our industry prevented both our economy and our industry from inflicting great losses due to the negativities experienced. The fact that Turkey is a preferred country in the elevator industry is a pleasing situation for our company, our industry, and our country. 

- The imbalance in the exchange rate is an important problem.
I think that the most important problem experienced in foreign trade for us as well as for all our exporters is the imbalance in exchange rates. It is pleasing that this imbalance has been reduced to a minimum recently. Hopefully it continues like this. The slowdown in trade with some countries with which we have worked intensively in the past is also among our problems. But I believe that this problem will be solved thanks to the intense efforts of our government.
We think that with the increase in freight charges for goods coming from China in global markets, interest in our country from Europe and different geographies has increased, and we feel this in our company activities. In this regard, we are working on the quality of Turkish goods and in a way that ensures price performance. 

Obviously, at the same time, we see that the prices of raw materials such as stainless sheet metal and stainless steel have increased with the effect of the Far East. This is still the most challenging issue for us in competition.   But as I mentioned, we aim to make this opportunity sustainable with quality. 

With the decrease of the effect of the pandemic, we think that the growth will increase as the postponed demands in Turkey and in the world come to the agenda again."