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Lift Expo Algeria

The 2nd edition of the International Elevator Fair LIFT-EXPO Algeria, which was held at the Algeria Safex Fairground in the capital of Algeria between 27-29 May 2022, was again held with the intense participation of Turkish elevator manufacturers. In addition to Turkish elevator manufacturers, elevator manufacturers from Algeria, France, Spain, Italy, China, and Egypt also took part in the fair.

While more than 50 brands opened stands at the International Elevator Fair Lift Expo Algeria, organized by Expert Fuarcılık and organized for the second time, the intensity of Turkish companies attracted attention at the fair. The fair, where more than 30 Turkish brands took place, was also very productive in terms of visitors. 

The companies participating in Lift - Expo Algeria 2022, which was also visited by Turkey's Ambassador to Algeria Mahinur Özdemir Göktaş, Algerian Trade Counselor Murat Ersoy and Algerian Deputy Trade Counselor Mehmet Emin Yiğitbaş, are as follows; Ah&Met Asansör, SRL Asansör, Alyans Asansör, Asiller Asansör, Panoma, Kepi Elevator Systems, Eren Makine, Dormak Asansör, Thisa Elevator, Birmak, Zorer Denge Ağırlığı, Bağlift Asansör, BSB Asansör, Hüras Asansör, İda Asansör, Kurgu Yürüyen Merdiven ve Asansör, Onaylift Asansör, Özbeşler Asansör, Özinan Asansör, Teori Mühendislik, Basel Asansör, Zafer Lift, Prolift Asansör, Akış Motor, Konel Elektronik, MP Yener Övünç Asansör, Poltime, Baltacı Metal, Fabre Asansör, Nagel Asansör, Aselron, Nzr Asansör, Onuras, Dersan, Expert Uluslararası Fuarcılık and Lift Vision Magazine. 

The construction of 1600 hotels along the coast between Morocco and Tunisia in order to develop tourism with the multiplicity of projects to meet housing needs will make Algeria a center of attraction for Turkish elevator manufacturers and exporters in the coming years. Especially in Algeria, which is a serious market for package elevators, the demand of contractor companies and elevator suppliers for quality Turkish products is also an opportunity for our manufacturers.

Lift Vision was the only press sponsor of Lift Expo Algeria
As in the first edition of the 2nd International Elevator Fair Lift Expo Algeria, which was held at the Safex Fairground in Algeria, Lift Vision Magazine took its place in the fair as the only press sponsor. While we supported the promotion of the Turkish elevator sector with our Lift Vision magazine, which was published in English, Russian and Arabic at the fair, we did not leave our companies alone. We have accumulated good memories with our exporter friends, with whom we are now a family.