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Kahtan Yunus, Mars Elevator Overseas Sales Manager, has stated; "Our corporation has been established in Ankara in 2016 and has given a different perspective from its organization to the sector. Mars Elevator introduces the quality of Made-in-Turkey products to the world by exporting to 70 countries on this path that it started out as a global brand. Our goal is to give people a safe, comfortable, quality elevator experience. It gives us great pleasure to be able to achieve this as the Mars Elevator. 

We are a brand that grows and improves itself day by day, and the employment we provide in this way is increasing day by day. Our international sales team is growing more and more, especially with our expanding export network.

In particular, our overseas sales team is growing day by day with our expanding export network. We carry out work for every project that concerns the elevator sector, and we always stand by our customers through after-sales services. We use local, quality products in our product groups and we see it as our top priority. We have stretcher elevators for hospitals and medical facilities, fire-resistant emergency elevators, passenger elevators for medium and high traffic structures, freight elevators for commercial institutions, antivandal elevators for intentional destruction. Our biggest goal is to introduce domestic goods to the world as a Turkish supplier of elevator systems. To achieve this goal, we are moving on to a confident pace by refreshing ourselves every day."

Hello, Mr. Kahtan. Could you tell us about your export activities as Mars Elevator? 
Hello. Export is an activity that brings foreign currency to the country, so we work with our power to power our country's power and to make foreign currency, as well as to be a global brand. I would like to answer this question in a more explicit way, when we look at Turkey's total export values to the world in the first quarter of 2021, the Trade Map data tells us that a $60 billion export has been made, and the number is almost the same as the first quarter of 2020. Postponement of foreign fairs, customer visits, global seminars and B2B meetings affected the elevator sector as well as every other sector. As Mars Elevator, we are moving forward by trying to be affected by these negativities in the least way, preserving our position and developing more.

Regarding the year 2020 and the first half of 2021, could you elaborate on exports? 
When we consider 2020 and 2021 in general, the threats we have encountered were more than the opportunities. At the beginning of the negativities is the increase in the price of the raw material. Of course, this increase has affected many sectors badly. As Mars Elevator, we are also a manufacturing corporation. The increase in the raw material price and the unstable volatility of the exchange rate inevitably affected us as well, however, while we continue to maintain our position in the sector, we are expanding our export network every day. In the current process, we have exported our brand all over the world and we continue to make it. Today, we reach many parts of the world, and we are happy to export our elevators with great pride from Europe to Africa, from the Middle East to Asia to more than seventy countries. 

As a corporation that has been operating in the sector for many years, what have you identified for sustainable export policy? 
The variables in the domestic market and the contraction companies that have been experienced have led to exports.  Naturally, this change is a positive development for the UK trade network. For the moment, companies are trying to diversify export products and countries in which they sell, distributing the risks in the market. The policy of direct or indirect export direction of companies is developed by an opportunistic approach in a competitive environment. For this reason, most of the time exports do not become continuous, especially companies that want to export new ones should act in a planned way. 

To which regions or countries is the market concentration shifting? Which products are becoming further in demand?
As Mars Elevator, we export to more than seventy countries in five continents and we export to every country in Europe, especially the Balkans, France, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Iraq in the Middle East. In Africa, we export to all North African countries. Our goal is to be more effective in South and Central African countries. Regarding the demands, although MR and MRL systems are preferred in almost every market, when we examine the customer demands in recent days, we see that the demands for MRL systems have increased. 

What can you list as the main developments-events that you consider important for the elevator sector and that affect our sector?
Political stability and economic welfare levels in a country also positively affect the sectors. The increase in construction positively affects the elevator sector, because a new structure means projecting new elevator systems for our sector. And we continue to work on an inexorable principle to ensure that.