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Mega7V has become the center of attention on CNR Eurasia Lift Expo. The first member of the MEGA family, MEGA7V while meeting the demands for large-size cabin indicator, it also fulfills the necessities for aesthetics and standards. The product, bearing the marks of GENEMEK engineering along with its unique design, will be available on the market as of May 1st 2019.

Some principal features of Mega7V are;, TFT, LED matrix and 7 segment indicator option, compatibility with factory preparations serial boards and fully meeting the EN81-20, EN81-28 and EN81-70 standards.

In TFT models, the impact and scratchproof color display with 800x480 pixel resolution actually works as a tablet computer architecture. This model, which has fluid video playing and announcing systems, along with an internet connection, can connect to the world outside. With its SDCARD and USB connection slots, adding videos to the system becomes really easy. The powerful emergency lighting, a necessity of the standard, is also present via 18 ultra-bright white leds utilized for emergency lighting.

MEGA7V series which has elevator data plate, offers highly clear view along with the method of LASED marking over stainless steel. Incorporated with EN81-28 emergency phone preparation, the MEGA7V family while making the speaker and alarm button out over single socket, it completely fulfills the criteria for illuminated signs which is required by the standard.

The most striking feature it that it also incorporates every feature aforementioned above while the body only being thin as 9.9 mm stainless steel.

The LED dot matrix member of the family, a giant location indicator consisting of 24x16=384 white leds along with illuminated signs clearly describing the current situation of the lift and colored direction arrows on 40 mm of height. The protective screen manufactured from polymeric glass makes it possible to get highly clear visuals even under bright light. The clear sound coming from such a small speaker within the announce system integrated into the product proves that the quality is the primary concern, even acoustically.

In 7 segment model which offers a budget solution in entry level, only an absence of letters in floor names can be listed in regards to all other features included. In any case, the MEGA7V series have completed the segmentation of lux, medium and entry levels with success. The product will be sold along with 3 years GENEMEK factory guarantee.