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Mesan Asansör, which started its activities in the elevator sector in 2004 and continued its activities by moving to the production facility in Hadımköy in 2014, continues with a new production and trade logic with faster service and higher quality products. 

Mesan Asansör continues its operations with experienced technical and international marketing teams with recent technological machine investments to become the leading corporation in package elevator sales, increasing the range of products such as cab, automatic door, carrier carts and dashboard. 

We have spoken to Murat Girgin, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Mesan Asansör, which is the 3rd largest exporter in 2020 in the "Elevators and Components" category as announced by the Machinery and Components Exporters' Association, about its export operations and future goals.

Hello Mr. Murat, could you please give some information about the export activities of Mesan Asansör?
Hello. The issue of export has been our primary agenda item since our establishment as Mesan Asansör. As a result of our importance in export and our work in this direction, we were able to increase our exports to 25 percent of our total production in the first years when we started our activities. We continued our efforts to increase this success in the foreign market by putting it on the short notice, and with new export targets and increasing market share each year, we were first in exports in 2018 and 3 among export leaders in 2020. he's up in line. 

Currently exporting 90 percent of its production, Mesan exports to more than 70 countries, mainly Russia, Ukraine, Turkic Republics and the Balkans.

Our current goal is to export to European countries. To this end, the Mesan Asansör shall be joining the Interelevator exhibition in 2022 with new design products and taking the first step toward entering the European market, its new target.

Regarding the year 2020 and the first half of 2021, can you please elaborate on the exports? 
The Covid-19 pandemic, which took place worldwide during the period, has led to many countries' closure and narrowing markets. Although it did not completely stop in our sector, it had to slow down its activities. The pandemic, which had negative consequences in many areas, especially in human health, including the economy, gave companies the opportunity to restructure and prepare for the post-pandemic. As Mesan Asansör, we spent the last half of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 taking time to develop products and create new designs. As a result of China's Covid-19 pandemics being the point of origin and the increase in freight prices, we also have the opportunity to compete against the Chinese market by getting new customers.

You became the 3rd corporation with the highest exports within the category of "Elevators and Components" among the members of the Machinery and Components Exporters' Association in 2020. First, we congratulate you and wish you continued success. What would you like to say about this success you have achieved? 
Thank you. We are proud of being the 3rd corporation that exports the most in 2018 and 2020 among the members of the Machinery and Components Exporters' Association, representing our country properly in the elevator sector and being honored with a plaque.  

The Mesan Asansör owes this success to its thorough management and detailed service understanding of every stage, from the offer stage to production, product delivery to after-sales and post-assembly checks. 

The technical drawings and details of the offerings we introduced and requested products to our customers, the rapid project of the ordered products and the fast shipment of the products, the quality of the products we display at the exhibitions we participate, constitute the great share of our success. A big family with its customers, suppliers and employees, Mesan Asansör continues to work without losing its pace to achieve greater success with its goals.

When you evaluate your business data this year against the same period last year, what are your exports projections for the end of 2021 and 2022?
We reached our export target for 2021, which we set as a target in 2020, in the first 6 months of the year. We shall close the year 2021 at a level well above our target. For 2022, we aim to grow by 30 percent on the basis of both market share and value from exports. In order to achieve this goal, our corporation has completed its preparations for the necessary personnel employment and machinery and has made the necessary investments. Our goal is to represent our country and our sector properly in the world.  To achieve this, follow-up, product, post-shipment storage, technical support, if necessary, it is essential to monitor whether the product has been properly applied, such as on-site installation check.

What is your most important issue with the export processes in our sector and what is your solution to this issue?
A product that functions or is claimed to have seen in our market in this period, where increasing commodity prices have adversely affected the sector, with a difference of up to 50 percent between the base and ceiling prices, is an important issue for companies like us who are trying to do their job properly. Because we do not fall below the quality criteria set out in the package elevator solutions we offer, products we produce or supply, we cannot export because of the low offers we face in some markets. This problem is also waiting for solutions for hundreds of manufacturers who have put their business above a certain quality in our country. It is very important that every product we export to spread the image of "Turkish goods are fine" in the elevator sector is tested and controlled from production to shipment and controlled by the state per se. Otherwise, low-quality products with low prices weaken the image of "Made in Turkey" within the world market.

Turkey’s elevator sector is a country that has a say in the world in terms of both its production power and its export amount. In 2020, which we spent with health and economic crises, our sector's exports of 250 million dollars, an increase of approximately 8 percent compared to the previous year, is the most important data showing the strength of the Turkish elevator sector. 

The Turkish elevator sector, which is one of the rare sectors with a foreign trade surplus in Turkey, exported 245 million 105 thousand 986 dollars, despite imports of 111 million 872 thousand 616 dollars, and gave a foreign trade surplus of 133 million 233 thousand 118 dollars. A total of 356 million 978 thousand 854 dollars’ worth of foreign trade and a foreign trade surplus of 133 million 233 thousand 118 dollars in 2020 reveal the value of the sector. In order to ensure that this value continues to increase and not to harm the "Made in Turkey" image, both the competent authorities and we, as the corporation, have assumed substantial responsibilities.