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Meteor Löher, Turkey's leading brand in the production of escalators and moving walks, has approved a cooperation agreement with Jackson. The agreement is for Löher's escalators and moving walkways to be manufactured in accordance with Jackson UK specifications and quality requirements. The two organizations have worked successfully on a number of projects in the UK involving site-specific escalators and moving walkways manufactured to Jackson quality standards.

There are case studies in many locations, including House of Fraser stores, Stansted Airport and various regional shopping centers.

Philip Rudd, Sales Director at Jackson, said: "We are delighted to partner with Meteor Löher to manufacture Jackson's heavy-duty escalators and moving walks of the type routinely requested in the UK market. The Jackson design ensures that production is fully compliant with relevant UK and EU Standards. This makes them ideal for existing buildings, providing a 25-year lifespan as an alternative to the 10-year average lifespan of an on-site escalator or moving walk modernization. Long-term maintenance is easily ensured as Jackson's bespoke escalators and moving walkways are all installed with open protocol quality equipment. We look forward to our future with the Meteor Löher family and the exciting long-term opportunities this collaboration will bring to the UK."

Mustafa Karaman, GM of Meteor Löher, expressed his views on this cooperation as follows: "As Meteor Industry Group, we are delighted to bring the Löher brand together with Jackson, the UK's largest independent elevator, escalator and cradle maintenance company. We are all very happy to continue our positive relationship established through the important projects we have carried out together in the past. Our collective motivation and enthusiasm will undoubtedly deliver continued excellent results from this long-term collaboration."