02 Şubat 2021,MEVLÜT KÜÇÜK: WE INCREASED OUR TOTAL TURNOVER BY 100%, OUR EXPORT VOLUME BY 120%, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Mevlüt Küçük, Chairman of the Board of Küçük Group, stated that they continue their production without interruption during the 2020 pandemic process and also mentioned that they increased their total turnover by 100% and their export volumes by 120% compared to the previous year, according to their expectations for the end of 2020.  Mevlüt Küçük noted that the volume of their exports in their turnover is at the level of 30% and said, "We have an export network extending from South African countries to European countries and mainly in Middle Eastern countries." 

Regarding the correlation between the exports and high exchange rate, Mevlüt Küçük said, “Unless the raw material and semi-finished product imports of the products exported in our country decrease, the high exchange rate always creates a negative effect.

Although the exchange rate increase seems to please the exporter, the prices of foreign exchange indexed raw materials have a negative effect on the inflationary environment. What is more important than a high exchange rate is the rapid change in exchange rate movements. The fact that the exchange rate and price relation change in a short period of time, it makes it difficult to determine the costs. We are experiencing the second wave period of the pandemic process. The predictions of the third wave in 2021 are intensifying. Although it is said that vaccination efforts are in the final stages, we estimate that a result shall be achieved by the end of 2021. In this context, the finalization of the economic package efforts of countries such as the USA indicates that the USD exchange rate shall ease. But when the US and EU-Turkey relations are considered, along with the extension of the pandemic period we expect that the USD/ TRY rate shall be in the range of 8.25 to 8.50’’. 

After providing information about Küçük Group's investments and export activities, Mevlüt Küçük continued his words as follows; ‘‘As Küçük Group, we continue to invest. As a result of the increasing turnover, our export volume and the demands, we are planning to move to our new factory building with an indoor area of 10.000 square meters, built on a land of 22,400 square meters and the investments of which have been completed. We shall complete this process in the first quarter of 2021. In our new building, we shall provide new employment opportunities for the foreign trade unit and other positions in order to increase the number of countries we export. As elevator sector manufacturers, we are able to export to all over the world. Geopolitical position of Turkey has an important place in the world market due to the speed of production and logistics facilities. For this reason, the market density has also concentrated in Europe due to the production facilities of other world brands in European countries. Entire elevator equipment can be produced in our country. For this reason, all products are in demand.

As Küçük Group, as I mentioned before, we have increased our export figures by 110% compared to last year. As a company, we have always turned crisis environments into opportunities and continued to invest. Within the scope of our new investments in 2021, we aim to increase our export figure to a higher level. As the Turkish elevator sector, we have a structure that can produce all elevator equipment. We should continue to invest in branding by making quality a priority in products. At the same time, we must speed up raw material and semi-finished product manufacturing investments. If we can reduce our dependence on foreign raw materials, we can use our cost advantage to reach a competitive position in the foreign market.

Unfortunately, the pandemic process has prevented the organization of international fairs where producers can make their voices heard and promote their brands all over the world. By managing this process in a healthy way, taking part in public-sponsored fair organizations shall contribute to the export volume. Again, the fact that domestic companies are preferred in all public tenders shall increase the trust in domestic brands with the perspective of the world elevator sector.’’