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Mr. Umut, please tell us about the measures taken by Mikrolift during the pandemic crisis-

We strictly comply with all the requirements prescribed by the relevant ministries. Since the beginning of March, we have been conducting awareness-raising and preventive trainings. In these trainings, we use the resources of both national and international organizations. In March, all company employees began to wear masks indoors and outdoors. In the office, production, public premises of the company, the requirements of social distance are observed as deemed required. In the canteens, a shift-based presence is ensured and other hygiene measures are taken. We take many preventive measures, such as temperature control, increasing the number of breaks, using public vehicles, hygiene of cargo storage facilities, changing the format of meetings. We even called employees to warn them about curfews. Fortunately, the “chain of maintaining production and the health of loved ones” that we created in our company was not interrupted. I hope that the concept of "hygiene is the key to health", characteristic of our country, is remembered by the whole world.

We responded to customer requests with unprecedented speed. This feature tops our worklist. Together with customers and suppliers, we have identified appropriate and flexible working methods. During this period, our strength may have decreased, but thanks to the professionalism of our team, I am confident that in the near future we will become even stronger and more enduring.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities of the market in the current situation?

The whole world has come to a halt! At the beginning of the epidemic, it was not even possible to contact people. Nevertheless, in the process of getting used to life in a pandemic, we adapted to the new reality. Each employee, from the installer to the manufacturer and the end user, has acquired many new habits. Production costs are also normalizing.

One of the most important factors in order to stand on foot and adapt to a new era is the financing of companies and financial expenses.

There will always be an opportunity to balance the items of expenses and income of consumers.

What do you think on the change in consumer behavior due to the pandemic and how will it affect the industry in the near future?

On the part of consumers, compliance with more stringent hygiene requirements, less close contact, and respect for social distance are of particular importance. Of course, manufacturers must also accept these new user requirements. We have made certain investments and developments in IOT. Among them are remote maintenance and replacement of parts, determination of labor requirements. In the near future we will announce our developments that will minimize contact between users and maintenance personnel, which will allow us to feel a big difference in the process of maintenance.

Please tell us about the company's roadmap in the conditions of "NEW NORMALITY"

As Mikrolift, we are committed to take manufacturing, selling and servicing processes beyond from the moment customers select our company. This year we continue to invest in new products and services. We have decided to keep and protect our employees at all costs. We have developed new products and are confident that they will be in demand. And in the new year, we will ensure the continuation of this trend.

In your opinion, how will coronavirus affect the Chinese and global elevator industry?

It is imperative which government paths are taken with respect to trade with China and other countries. Across the globe, a drop in demand for a certain part of goods from China is expected, while the appearance of new players in the market is also forecasted. China, as an important link in the global supply chain, will retain its role in the subsequent period. However, it appears that countries are aiming to reduce trade with China. Turkey, being one of the strongest countries in the elevator industry, can take advantage of the growth opportunity during this period.

In connection with the pandemic, new trends began to be discussed, such as the transition from vertical to horizontal architecture. This situation can have a positive impact on the industry in terms of products with standard equipment.

I want to wish everyone good health, success and joy, wear masks, do not neglect hygiene and maintain a social distance!