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Kürşat Kılıç as the General Mancer of MKL Asansör said: “Marif Kalkan Demir San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., founded in 2007 in Konya Industrial Area, has made a name for itself in the business world and is the raw material supplier of many sectors including elevators. MKL Asansör, the most dynamic arm of Kalkan Laser companies, started its operations in the spring of 2019. As MKL Asansör, we manufacture, supply and export elevator materials."

Stating that MKL Asansör continues its activities in an area of 2,000 square meters in KONSAN Organized Industrial Zone, Kılıç said, “Our company and other companies have both large and small scale machines such as plasma cutting devices, laser cutting devices, press brakes and bending machines, hydraulic presses, continuing our activities with 65 employees.

He also said: "MKL Asansör has given priority to domestic sales. Established upon demands and needs, we, as "Marif Kalkan Dış Ticaret İthalat ve İhracat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti." have just started to market our product abroad, as well".

Stating to maintain the R&D activities on new products, Kürşat Kılıç noted that, under the light of their works, they have established certain plans such as including new and technological products in their tracks in order to expand their machinery in the following days, and if necessary, to move the same to a physically more suitable place for MKL Asansör.

Stating that “While designing all our products, we followed a path that attaches importance to human safety, conforms to quality standards, while also laying utmost care on customer and employee satisfaction”, Kürşat Kılıç as the CEO of MKL Asansör also noted the following:” “By complying with the quality management system requirements such as ISO 9001: 2000, CE, we have adopted the mindset of timely and error-free production. We increased the competence of our employees with the help of trainings and courses.

As MKL asansör, we produced and placed our licensed product, as the first and only of its kind in Turkey: "sliding brake mechanism". The brakes that we produce are granted with the "Progressive Safety Gear EU type examination certificate". Our sliding brake mechanisms has a motion mechanism on its flat brake shoe, which is the first applied in Turkey. With this mechanism aiming to get rid of soft braking and non-contact braking, we achieved another milestone across the world and successfully realized the spring bending system for the first time across the world, thus gaining advantage on behalf of our company in both domestic and foreign markets.

Moreover, we have completed our high-quality regulator production and presented it to our sector. Our regulator also has an EU type examination certificate. These certificates add value to both our company and our products.

Our company follows all the developments in the sector by using the cutting-edge technologies of our age. We prioritize customer satisfaction with pre-sales and after-sales services, oriented at reliability fixed by business partners and references. Unlike many elevator companies, MKL Asansör, supplying a wide range of products through the exchange method with its solution partners in the "Laser" and "Metal" departments besides its production, has expanded its product range, thus bringing a breath of fresh air to our sector by providing more suitable materials to its customers.

With the advantage of being the raw material supplier of elevator manufacturers operating in Konya in particular, such as sheet metal, iron, laser and plasma cutting, we ensure satisfaction for many of our customers thanks to offering high-quality products at an affordable price and swift delivery, while each and everyone of us is trying to improve himself/herself every day.

By following all the developments in the elevator industry closely and adapting the developments to our own technological system, we always aim to offer the best, the safest and a wide range of products that comply with the quality standards to our customers with the principle of continuous improvement.

In our projects, we have strived to increase customer and employee satisfaction with a production approach that lays utmost importance to human safety and complies with quality standards. We have adopted the mindset of timely and error-free production by complying with the quality management system requirements such as ISO 9001: 2000, CE.

As is the case with every company that wants to develop and grow, R&D studies are constantly maintained at MKL Asansör. Following the brakes and regulators we focused on during the pandemic period and offered to our customers, we continue to work on certain products for the elevator industry and we are excited to add new products to our production range in the near future.