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Sevinç YENER

We talked to Sevinç Yener, General Manager of MP Yener Övünç Elevator, about 2020 export activities and forecast about 2021. Sevinç Yener who said “Our exports in 2020 have increased compared to previous years as in the whole country’’ also stated that the importance they give to quality and project management as a company increased their package elevator shipments, their export share in production reached 25% as direct export and when indirect export figures are included it goes up to 35%. 

Hello Ms. Yener. Could you give information about your export activities in 2020?
Hi. Our 2020 exports increased in proportion to previous years, as in the whole country. The importance we attach to quality and project management as a company has increased our package elevator shipments. Our forward-looking goals are in this direction. Our export share in production reaches 25% as direct export and 35% if we include indirect export figures. Our target is to increase these rates and the corresponding amounts. As a target market, we prefer countries that require more complete systems. At this point, quality comes into prominence therefore prices are increasing. It is a difficult market, there is a critical balance between quality and price. However, we continue without sacrificing quality. 

As a company operating in the sector for many years, what is your sustainable export policy for 2021?
This year, there were factors such as the virus and the losses in the Chinese production- supply chain that supported the increase in exports in the world economy. These affected our position as a country and improved our preferability. If we combine all these factors, we may consider the increase in export figures at certain levels as the practice of the normal rather than success. Looking at it this way, it is not right to consider these increases sufficient. The shrinkage in the domestic market and the virus effect pushed us, like many companies, to export. This is a generally beneficial orientation, money inflow into the country is always beneficial when looking from the whole picture. However, the point to be considered here is the importance of being prepared for export. The fact that natural factors push us in a positive direction is not sufficient to make us permanent there.  

We must be ready for export, both in terms of product, capacity and power (labor force and financial power), and we must be able to sustain our export activities. Otherwise, it shall negatively affect our image and turn the current positive wind into negative in the long run.

Which regions or countries is the market density shifting? Which products are in more demand?
The demand for the elevator sector in our country comes from all markets. All markets that find the exact product they are looking for, especially the countries that are close in terms of logistics, demand products from our country. As a sector, there are product groups that we cannot address due to technological insufficiency, and the part with high added value is actually these products. However, in general, we address to almost all markets. North Africa and the Middle East are the markets that already make heavy purchases from our country, this has been the case for a long time. Recently, in addition to this, with the development of our product content and quality perception, the European market and CIS countries have started to demand more. Again, the demands from South American countries intensified. The increase in Far East prices and the virus effect are also effective in these increases. It looks as if it is our turn in this cycle, markets close to us compare the Far East with us, and prefer us in terms of price and quality. We need to take advantage of this situation well and increase our market shares by sustaining the successful progress that has been going on so far. 

When you assess your company data for this year compared to the same period of the previous year, what are your 2021 export forecasts?
We are positive, with the anticipation that the demand shall continue, we are making preparations to respond to this demand. Being prepared shall automatically bring about the increase in the amount of exports. The important thing is to make these activities permanent, as we have mentioned before.

What can you specify as the main developments and events affecting our sector that you consider important in terms of the elevator sector in 2020?
Obviously, first of all, the impact of the corona virus around the world cannot be denied. Like others, it had a negative impact on us as a sector. When health is concerned, work takes a backseat naturally. I hope we can return to our old days in good health as soon as possible. To the days we could talk business. Again, one should not overlook the slowdown in the construction sector, which started at the end of 2018 and still continues. Although the market movement of construction sector, which is supported as a state policy, rises from time to time with the positive effect of these supports, it generally stagnated when the virus effect was added. It is necessary to analyze the future of the construction sector well, to be positioned correctly according to this analysis and to make the right investments.