01 Şubat 2021,NAGEL ASANSÖR WILL TRIPLE ITS CAPACITY IN THE YEAR 2020, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Nagel Asamsör, founded in 1976, started lift machinery engine production in a small facility in 1981 and has been continuing its production since 1991 in its plant in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul. Nagel Asansör Sales Director Abdullah Özcan said that Nagel Asansör is targeting to triple its current capacity by the end of 2020 with the completion of its new plant investment, initiated in 2016, and that “we annually manufacture 600 gear machine engines and 200 gearless machine engines in our plant in Sultanbeyli. We aim to triple our production with the completion of our new plant construction, which we started in 2016 at Sakarya Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone.    

Özcan reported that they manufacture gear machines and engines ranging from 320 kilograms to 7 tons and stated that they can go up to 1300 kilograms in gearless engine production.

Abdullah Özcan added that “we put the ‘Kayra Series’ on the market with its renovated gears, worm screws and pulleys” and told about their new products: “we started to supply gear oil together with this series in addition to the auxiliary pulley and encoder in all of our machine engines. Our Kayra Series consists of 2 engines. We can lift 630 kg with 5.5 Kw and 800 kg with 7.5 Kw”.

Özcan informed us about Nagel Lift’s export activities and said that “we will also be increasing our export operations along with our new plant. Currently, we export our products to the North African countries, Europe and Arab countries and to Russia and Iran extensively. We will be attending the Interlift 2019 Fair in order to improve our export activities. In this fair, we will display our new product, the ‘Kayra Series’ and our gearless engine. We aim to introduce our products in the Interlift Fair, which we will attend for the first time, to the visitors coming from different regions of the world and plan to improve our distributorship network”.  

Özcan expressed that his father and uncle have established Nagel Machinery and added that “Nagel Machine Engine is a family company. Our company management is currently in the stage of transition from the first generation to the second generation. We are continuing our studies to become a corporate firm, to be managed by the third generation. Therefore, initially, we will move our entire manufacturing to our new production facility in Sakarya. We will augment our current R&D studies in our new facility and expand our product range and capacity”.