02 Şubat 2021,NEJDET ÖK: IN 2020, WE HAD A RELATIVELY BETTER YEAR COMPARED TO 2019, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Nejdet Ök, General Manager of Türkeli Rail; talked to us about the export, the sector problems and forecasts with respect to 2021. Nejdet Ök said, “In 2020, we had a relatively better year compared to 2019 with our products coming to the forefront in the Middle East and some European markets, the impact of the pandemic and China's reactivity in the world markets.’’

Nejdet Ök continued his statements as follows:

- Euro/USD parity
“The movement of the Euro/ USD parity in favor of the Euro caused a price increase in raw material prices exceeding 30% on dollar basis in the last months of the year, due to the fact that the raw material of iron and steel was processed according to dollars. Naturally, in the elevator rail, which is one of the capital-intensive, this effect has a negative impact on working capital.

- 2021 forecasts
“We assume that the parity shall move between 1.17-1.25 depending on the amount of the stimulus package to be announced by the USA in 2021. Accordingly, we think that the prices shall increase relatively a little more and become more stable from the 5th month.”

‘‘We assume that the sector and economy of the country in 2021 shall be shaped according to the pandemic and the degree of impact of the vaccine said to be found. According to the awakening of the construction sector for 2 years, the domestic market of the sector shall be shaped, and we assume that our foreign markets with oil income shall shape the demand according to the course of oil. Obviously, we think that an impact on foreign markets shall be directly related to the policies of our country's administration with the countries we trade.”

 "The most important problem of the sector is quality and product safety"
“Unless effective inspections and controls are increased on quality and product safety issues, which are the most important problems of our sector, it is an inevitable fact that the pressure of imported goods in the domestic market and the poor image of "Made in Turkey" in foreign markets shall adversely affect our production.

We wish everyone a good and healthy year. "