02 Şubat 2021,OMARLIFT TÜRKİYE LAUNCHES ITS NEW PRODUCT IN ANKARA, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


Italy-based Omarlift, which manufactures hydraulic elevator systems, launched its new Smart Hydraulic Pump Unit with Electronic Valve at Omar Asansör’s new factory located in Ankara Temelli Başkent Organized Industrial Zone on August 5, 2020.

Approximately 50 guests attended the product-launch seminar held in Omarlift’s new factory opened in Ankara in 2019 in addition to its headquarters in Istanbul.

Bünyamin Kocabey, the owner of the company, made an opening speech and thanked the guests for their contribution during the pandemic. Next, Marketing Manager Massimiliano Calcerano and Giulia Azzimonti from Italy took the stage. The couple made a detailed presentation about the new product and said that the Hydraulic Pump Unit with Electronic Valve automatically calculated deceleration distance and stop independently of the load and temperature conditions through its self-learning-mode system.

The unit, which has a control panel interface with CANopen, is certified as UCM/A3, which prevents involuntary car movement. It is also totally programmable by smartphone with the “OMARLIFT Hevos” app.

Following the technical presentation, Omarlift owner Alessandro Mordini gave some information about the history of the company through a recorded video. Mordini stated that the name Omarlift is actually based on the abbreviation of the Italian initials of “Officine Meccaniche Auto Ricambi,” which means,

“Automotive Spare Parts Atelier,” and that the company’s operations were actually based on automotive.

He also stated that, at the end of 30 years, Omarlift is operating in five continents across the world, is giving service to 350 clients and has manufactured approximately 9 thousand cylinders, 9 thousand pump units and 11 thousand of several models of valves up to now.

A lunch was given in the factory during the event. Then, the guests took a tour of the factory and had the opportunity to closely examine Omarlift products. Mordini attended the joyous talk via video conference and greeted the guests one by one, conveying his thanks.