01 Şubat 2021,ONAYLIFT ASANSÖR COMPANY MOVED TO THE NEW PRODUCTION PLANT WITH THE AREA OF 10,000 SQ.M, Elevator Vizyon Magazine, All What You Are Looking For is On This Site


The company Onaylift Asansör Market, which began operations in 2015, as a result of production growth and in order to provide its customers with even better services, transferred production to a new factory with an area of 10,000 sq.m.

Onaylift Asansör Market said in a statement: “Due to the rapid development of technology and growing competition, the only way to remain a leader in the industry is to produce quality products that meet the requirements of new technologies. Onaylift Asansör Market, a young company founded in 2015, takes advantage of dynamism in its quest to meet technological requirements and produce high-quality products.

Mehmet Imamoglu, who already had experience and knowledge of production features, began work in the field of elevator construction and launched the Onaylift Asansör company in the industrial area of Konya Busan. Mr. Imamoglu is convinced that the basis for success is the continuous monitoring of the latest technologies and customer orientation, therefore Onaylift Asansör owes its success to the use of these principles in the provision of services.

In just 6 months of its business, project implementation and investment contribution, Onaylift Asansör was able to transfer its production activities from a workshop with an area of 1,000 square meters to an enterprise with a closed area of 4,000 square meters and a total area of 5,200 square meters.

Onaylift Asansör, which had approximately 70 employees and produced 2,500 elevator cabs per year, continued its development.

Due to even greater growth, Onaylift Asansör transferred its production to a factory with a closed area of 6,000 square meters, an open area of 4,000 square meters and a total area of 10,000 square meters.

The following units are part of the new Onaylift Asansör manufacturing facility: design department, laser cutting workshop, metal bending workshop, welding, assembly, painting and testing workshops. The company was able to achieve high levels in meeting customer demand thanks to the work of experienced engineers in the production and the use of the latest technologies in production processes.

Onaylift Asansör, from the day it was founded to this day, strives with all its might to achieve its goal of becoming a world brand. ”