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Özinan Asansör was founded in 1979 by Seyfettin Özinan. Founded with the objective to operate in the fields of assembly, maintenance and revision, the company made manufacturing investments in an indoor area of 7000 square meters in 2012 in order to add mass production to its activities. Managing to gain a good place for itself in its region, in the domestic market and in the foreign market by combining its professional knowledge and experience with its investments in manufacturing, Özinan Elevator is increasing its market share as the days pass.


Serdar Özinan, Chairman of Özinan Asansör, which sells human and freight elevators as package elevator systems in domestic and foreign markets, said: "Our activities in the field of sales and marketing include distributorships and component sales in various elevator products. It also takes part in assembly works with products of its own manufacture in regional large-scale projects. "

Serdar Özinan, as the Chairman of the Board, whom we asked about Özinan Asansör's competitive advantages, answered our question as follows. ”We utilize the competitive advantages of being an assembly-oriented company that knows assembly, especially in the production of package elevator systems. Our production, whether it is a piece of material or a closed elevator system, is primarily designed, planned and projected in a way not to cause problems for the assembly personnel on the site, but to facilitate their work. This is the main idea and point of view in what we do. I do believe that this point of view provides us with a serious competitive advantage.”

Expressing that the production facilities are located on the highway to the countries they export, Serdar Özinan said that they operate in a 7000 square meter of indoor area with 62 personnel. He also noted: “We have a constantly developing and renewed machine park that keeps pace with today's technologies. As an industrialist, I am aware and convinced that investment will never stop in this field. "

Noting “As a measure against the changing and shrinking domestic market dynamics, we have focused on exports since 2015. Our continuously increasing export figures have enabled us to both contribute to the national economy and to stand firmly in our sector.”, Serdar Özinan stated that the export and domestic market sales distribution of their production is 50% abroad and 50% domestic.

Stating that the current exports are made to three countries, Serdar Özinan also said, “Our goal is to increase our export market share in existing countries and add new countries to our export portfolio. We are carrying out studies to achieve this goal."

“We are at the last turn in the production of floor and cabin mechanisms with our own brand.” Stating that they produce many products in their facilities, from the control panel to the cabin, with their existing machine parks, Serdar Özinan said, “We are at the last turn in the production of floor and cabin mechanisms with our own brand. We are planning to release our product very soon."