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As of January 1, Procube Endüstri 4.0 Teknoloji Sistemleri A.Ş. has signed a solution partnership with Iyon Software and established a solution partnership.

Procube, which developed the Internet of Things (IoT) based smart elevator technologies Protracer in the elevator industry, has signed a solution partnership with Ion Software as of January 1, 2020. Expressing that they broke new ground in the sector with the cooperation in question, Procube General Manager Şenol Korkmaz said that they carried their knowledge on the elevator industry to a comprehensive solution partnership in a way that would expand their area of influence and produce integrated systems.

“We are moving to an infrastructure where the products of both companies will work integrated with each other.” Said Şenol Korkmaz, adding that by taking the first steps to switch to full automation, more safety and communication opportunities will be provided for the elevator passenger. He noted that the purpose of this merger is not only a domestic cooperation, and that they also aim to expand abroad.

Procube will start exporting in 2020

Elevator industry both in production and in utilization, which will make use of differences in regulation of AC 81-28,  will simultaneously enter into force in Turkey in May 2020 with Europe. Procube General Manager Şenol Korkmaz, who claims that the current audits are not sufficient, said that 81-28 AC regulation will increase safety in elevators. Korkmaz noted that they produced the Protracer, which they started to manufacture in 2017, in European Standards, and stated that they will start to offer the product to the foreign market with a price advantage..

Stating that they send their products to Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Romania and Albania, Korkmaz also said “We will allocate more time in the exporting activities as of 2020.”