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Coşkun Pehlivan, an employee of Procube’s digital media department, said that the main solution during the pandemic is distance and said: “Without a doubt, all the markets and the elevator building market in particular will be, and are already in crisis due to the pandemic.”

Please tell us about the measures that you are taking as a company operating in the elevator and escalator industry in a pandemic

The main solution during a pandemic is social-distance. We discussed the situation and developed an action plan before the pandemic arrived in Turkey. And when the pandemic knocked on our door, we had the right materials. We set up a schedule so that customer service is not affected. We held internal and external meetings in digital format. We have taken the necessary hygiene measures regarding production processes.

Without a doubt, all markets and the elevator construction market in particular are and will be in crisis due to the pandemic. Although this crisis will end after normalization, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that in the future there will be no new epidemic or pandemic. During the pandemic, we were faced with the need to adapt our work system to an emergency. We have demonstrated the ability to operationalize digitalization as adaptive measures. Digitalization is the main direction of Procube, in which it has been moving since entering the market. We hope that companies will be able to see in a pandemic the opportunity to digitalize their activities.

What do you think on the change in consumer behavior due to the pandemic and how will it affect the industry in the near future?

I think that in the lift building industry there is a more traditional attitude of consumers, in contrast to consumer behavior in similar industries. Under normal circumstances, it is expected that a pandemic will direct consumers to more intelligent, technology-based products and more affordable brands. I hope that consumer demand in the field of elevator construction will be directed in this direction.

In connection with Covid-19, manufacturers turned to intelligent technologies and recognized the importance of hygiene in elevators. Research and development innovation companies know that technology determines the future. How can you describe your developments in this direction?

We design and manufacture all our products taking into account the Internet of physical facilities and remote control capabilities. Thus, at the request of customers, they can manage the processes of maintenance / installation of elevators, billing and ongoing processes without even leaving home.

Please tell us about the company's roadmap in the context of the outbreak of the pandemic and “NEW NORMALITY”.

In the same way as for a pandemic, it is necessary to develop a roadmap for the normalization process. First of all, one should not hope that normalization will occur in one day. It is necessary to continue to take appropriate measures and organize the work process taking into account the requirements for social distance. Workflows such as meetings, meetings, and events need to be maximally performed in a digital environment.

In your opinion, how will coronavirus affect the Chinese and global elevator industry?

Thanks to its socio-cultural and regulatory structure, China entered the normalization process a little faster, treating the pandemic more systemically than the rest of the world. Nevertheless, I think that after these events they will have to reconsider their investments, which will affect the Chinese elevator building.

From a global point of view, there is a single order and system that ensures the uniformity of all industries. In an emergency, all systems are at a standstill. Most industries / companies do not have a backup plan. The work affected by the pandemic is already on an ongoing process.