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Pumalift Asansör

Mr. Yakup, Can you give us brief information about the establishment stages, structuring, and development process of the Pumalift Asansör company?


hank you. Pumalift Asansör is a company that has emerged with inspiration and encouragement from the 10 years of experience we have gained in the sector. I decided to leave the company I was a partner with and establish Pumalift. Pumalift is a manufacturing company and in addition to its production and export-oriented growth plan, it is also planning and working to become a brand in the domestic market and to grow its market share.  

What are your product range and solutions for the elevator sector?
Basically, our production area consists of elevator cabins, suspension systems with and without machine rooms, L carcasses, and machine frames. Together with these products, we will provide our package solutions to our domestic and international customers by supplying all parts and spare materials related to the elevator.

Can you tell us about your features that will make your company stand out in our sector?
Our most basic feature that will make Pumalift stand out is; By taking advantage of the long years of experience of all our colleagues in elevators, it will be possible to deliver our quality products kneaded with engineering, complete, error-free, trouble-free, and carefully packaged to our customers. The person who chooses us once will never give up on us again.

How do your business processes work with your customers? Would you like to inform us about your pre-sales and after-sales services?
So far, we have received quite positive feedback.  Before the sale, we provide our customers with comprehensive and detailed information about our company, our products, our products, and the products we supply. We make sure that this information is accurate and complete.

After-sales, ensuring customer satisfaction, and creating loyalty for potential and existing customers are directly proportional to the quality of after-sales service content. In order to improve the customer experience, maintain the awareness of the businesses, and ensure the continuity of the products or services offered, our basic booklets such as usage, assembly, and maintenance manuals have been completed and presented to the service of our customers. 

What are your studies to increase your market share? As a company, would you share your goals with our readers?
In order to increase our market share in exports, we respond to our customers in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, and Urdu in a timely manner with our expert team experienced in the field in our foreign trade department. Market researches, country trips, and customer visits are some of the studies we make within this scope. 

Our goal is to sell our products to places in the world where Turkish elevators have not been before and to increase the quality perception of Turkish products.   

Are there any projects you will implement in the near future in your investment plans?
From the day our company was established, we had intense investment expenditures on this side and this will continue. After our machines such as the laser machine, and press brake machine, we plan to make new machine investments required for increasing production and quality.

Can you tell us about your export targets for 2023? Which countries are you particularly interested in? 
Although we are a newly established company, we will have exported to more than 15 countries at the end of this year due to our more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the sector. The number of exported countries will reach 45 by the end of next year, and 65% of our production and sales will be export-oriented.

In this context, the whole world is a target for us, it is possible to sell our products everywhere from Africa to America, from the Far East to the North. Let's move forward with the right strategy.