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Cem Bozdağ, CEO of CE Engineering, stated that many chronic problems of the elevator door mechanisms have been overcome with the new auto-door model, designed by the R&D center of Has Elevator. Defining the designs as “Epoch-making doors”, Bozdaş also said:  “Thanks to the new system designed by our R&D center, the mechanism is now more stable, eliminating the plug-contact failures and mechanism & panel adjustment works. The patents for the door designs were taken in 2016-2017, as well as completing the field tests within the last two years. The door was designed over a new system patented by our company. Vehicles that move on a mono-block body and operating as interbedded, were used in the system. This epoch-making structure will allow many chronic problems of elevator door mechanisms to be overcome.”


- Right, Left and Central Chassis options

- The first chassis panel, produced via shrink-fit method without welding, spot-welding and adhesive bonding

- Easy to assemble by means of using rivet nut, which does not require any adjustment,

- Non-cutting surfaces thanks to the folding method,

- High-strength door, meeting the requirements of 81/20 thanks to its innovative design.


- Options of 80 & 90 degrees angles for both right and left on the mechanism,

- Compact and innovative design with the its slim structure with less footprint thanks to the vehicles operating as interbedded with mono-block body

- Assembly of mechanism panel without the need of any adjustment, via 8 x bolts thanks to the custom connection elements,

- Innovative and trouble-free release system

- Smooth plug-contact system thanks to its unique structure