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According to data from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey's exports, which were 50.8 million dollars in the year the Republic was declared, reached a record high of 254.2 billion dollars in 2022.

Turkish exporters, which exported 187.5 billion dollars in September, are taking rapid steps towards the Medium Term Program (MTP) target of 255 billion dollars.

Mustafa Gültepe, President of TIM, pointed out that industrial production in Turkey was almost non- existent in 1923, when the Republic was proclaimed, and stated that the existing industrial facilities at that time were at a level that could not even meet domestic consumption.

Gültepe said, "Therefore, the majority of our exports of 50.8 million dollars in 1923 were agricultural and livestock-based products such as wheat, barley, hazelnuts, dried figs, raisins, cotton, wool, opium, olive oil, raw silk. The share of finished or semi-finished products in exports was 3.7 percent."

'They left no stone unturned' Gültepe said that exports, which were 58.1 million dollars in the 10th year of the foundation of the Republic, reached 1.3 billion dollars in 1973, the 50th year of the Republic.

Emphasizing that Atatürk laid the foundations of the national industry with the slogan "Every factory is a fortress" with the Republic, Gültepe noted that Turkey was a country with a foreign trade surplus in the 1930-1946 period thanks to production mainly aimed at meeting domestic consumption needs.

Gültepe stated that with the opening up of the Turkish economy to foreign markets in the 80s, an upward trend in exports began.

Increased share of technology

In this process, Gültepe stated that ready-to-wear clothing and textiles, which are important branches of the manufacturing industry, were the leading sectors in exports and that 1983 was closed with exports of 5.7 billion dollars, 1993 with 15.3 billion dollars and 2003 with 47.3 billion dollars.

Gültepe stated that the share of high and medium-high technology products in both exports and export products has increased in the last 20 years. 

Stating that high and medium-high technology products account for approximately 40 percent of total exports, Gültepe said that with 27 sectors, 61 exporters' associations and more than 115 thousand exporters, there is no country or region in the world that they have not stepped into.

Export to 220 countries and regions

Gültepe stated that they exported to 220 countries and regions and said, "We completed 2022 with 254 billion dollars of goods and 90 billion dollars of service exports. Although things are not going well this year due to the developments in global markets, we aim to close the 100th year of our Republic with a record export of at least 255 billion dollars."

2 dollar target

Emphasizing that although great progress has been made in 100 years in all areas, especially in the

economy, there is still a long way to go and much work to accomplish, Gültepe continued as follows: "As the export family, we know our responsibility to strengthen our Republic in its second 100 years and to increase the welfare of our nation. Based on this awareness, we continue on our way with an excitement, determination and determination no different from that of October 29, 1923. We know that we can achieve much more with the existing potential of our country and our well-equipped human resources.

With this self-confidence, we have adopted the vision of raising Turkey among the top 10 countries in exports as we enter the second century. We consider the export target of 302 billion dollars in 2026 as the first important test in the new process. In order to reach our targets, we need to increase our kilogram unit value above 2 dollars as soon as possible. The way to increase the unit value is to use the possibilities of high technology, innovation, design and branding."

'We are focused on carbon zero target'

Gültepe stated that global trade is going through a major change and transformation process. Emphasizing that sustainability compliance and green production are of great importance in order to remain competitive in the new era, Gültepe said

"Because we are focused on the zero carbon target in 2050 with the European Union (EU) Green Deal, where we realize 42 percent of our total exports. We know that we have to act quickly to maintain and increase our power in this large market, we carry out our work with this awareness and lead our associations. We published our sustainability action plan, which is a roadmap for compliance with the Green Deal, two years ago. 15 of our 27 sectors have completed their action plans. We expect 12 sectors to complete their work and share it with the public by the beginning of the year."