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Arkel Elektrik & Elektronik launched its new product Arcube, as the monoblock lift control unit, in Istanbul Lift Expo. With its compact design, STO function without contactor, along with its unique structure requiring a minimum footprint, the new Arcube rises to the prominence as the next generation monoblock lift control unit developed by Arkel. In his opening speech during the launching, “Our company, thanks to its R&D power, unique design and production processes, has always listened the expectations, needs and feedbacks of the lift industry, thus accomplishing better, higher performance and more innovative products and systems thanks to these feedbacks.”, said Cenk Ceylan, CEO of Arkel Elektrik & Elektronik.

During the launching with broad participation, “Arcube was designed to meet the lower cost and higher performance expectations of the lift industry across the world. The trend of the industry is gradually turning to machine roomless elevators/lifts. Our aim is to alleviate, minimize the panels used in the lifts, while presenting them to the market as a bundle within a single box.”, said Melih Küçükçalık, as the Vice Chairman of Arkel Board during his presentation about Arcube.

Here is the new product of Arkel…


Arcube, as the new monoblock lift control unit by Arkel, meets your entire expectations from a lift control panel faultlessly (VVVF Driver, Control Card, Recovery function and Electricity switch materials).


• EN 81-20 compliance

• Supporting up to 16 stops

• Maximum Lift Car Speed: 1,75 m/s

• 4 power supply options: 4 kW, 5,5 kW, 7,5 kW, 11 kW

• Using serial or parallel installation in the lift car and the pit

• Operability with synchronous and asynchronous machinery

• Faultless motor-drive and direct-stop function

As an innovative product with its modern design and the specifications it has, Arcube seems to make a great impression with the innovations it present into the lift industry.