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Lifts Escalators Industry and Technology Fair (Eurasia Lift Fair) opened its doors between March 20-23 2019 at CNR EXPO Yeşilköy.  Being one of the most important fairs sector-wise, Eurasia Lift Fair was arranged in a 25 thousand square meters fairgrounds.

In the fair arranged by İstanbul Fair Organization, which is one of the corporations of CNR Holding, the sector’s top 250 brands exhibited their brand new products. From elevator cages to automatic door systems; electronic components to security systems and accessories and a lot more products are meeting their customers in this fair and a variety of seminars were conducted on topics like periodical care and applications in lifts.


Procurement committees coming from 51 countries including Germany, England, Iraq, Malaysia, Kosovo, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Russia, Czechia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ethiopia, Qatar, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Ukraine, Georgia and Pakistan contacted with companies and made new connections.

Manufacturers and suppliers came together

CNR Eurasia Lift Fair, which has new design and services exhibits from the lift sector and increases the business connections of participants and sector buyers have opened their doors again in 2019, facilitating wide network connections to attending companies.

Eurasia Lift Fair, which is an International Fair, came forward as a platform that could show the competition and brand power of the lift industry. The fair, with its offering of cooperation opportunities, contributes greatly to the attending companies meeting their export goals. While also facilitating Turkey to become a base for lift production and supply, the fair empowers the cooperation between producers and service providers in the sector of lifts and escalator industry.

Especially in recent years, Turkish lift industry, while keeping pace with technology to increase its production quality, shows great care in opening the lift and escalator market up to foreign economies. Turkish lift industry, which has an important place in sectors exporting their products is aiming to meet its export rate goals in International Eurasia Lift Fair.

The biggest investment in Turkish fair organization sector is for CNR Eurasia Lift Fair

In 2017, CNR Holding materialized the BIA (Business Intelligence Agency), the biggest investment in Turkish fair organization sector and with this investment, it also aims to increase the number of foreign buyers. For this reason, it has reached a fifty percent increase in foreign buyers from 2018 fair. It has put International Work Development Agency into practice and with the 11 Million Dollars’ worth of investment to the Global Market Intelligence System, sector buyers from around the world are invited to CNR Eurasia Lift Fair. In the fair, regarding to the needs of this buyers, meetings with Turkish companies were arranged. With the help of this system, sector buyers who came to the fair have conducted one-on-one interviews with participating companies.

CNR Holding’s 240 sector-expert and foreign language speaking professionals made contact with foreign buyers while also reaching out to the buyers that have never entered to the Turkish market. With the help of BIA (Business Intelligence Agency) system, it is aimed that there will be 35 thousand native and foreign sector buyers’ visiting the CNR Eurasia Lift Fair.

The fair is also backed up by the Minister of Commerce

In CNR Eurasia Lift Fair, which is one of the two biggest lift fairs in the world, the most comprehensive “Procurement Committee B2B Matchup Program” up to now will be organized. First one of these organizations will be materialized by CNR Holding. In the framework of Hosted Buyer programs, a lot of companies with higher buying powers will have face-to-face interviews with participating companies.

The other procurement committee organization will be conducted with the help of the Minister of Commerce. The procurement committee facilities which will improve the commercial capacity a lot can only be benefited by the fair participants

Transportation to the fair

With the ease of Atatürk Airport being close, participants who are coming from foreign countries and other provinces can be at CNR EXPO in 2 minutes without entering the dense traffic of Istanbul. The location advantage of CNR EXPO, which is residing at the intersection of alternative arterial roads (E5, TEM, and coastal road), doesn’t end with this. Being at close proximity to Marmarail, Bakırköy and Yenikapı Sea Bus Pier is also a big advantage.

Metro, metrobus, marmarail and ido citylines which facilitates a fast transportation to City Center and airports ensure that hundreds of thousands of people reaching to the fair with ease.

JENCODER is at CNR Eurasi Lift Fair

The biggest coding company in India, JENCODER has come to CNR Eurasia Lift Fair. The company producing world-standard incremental shaft coders is also the tech partner of Encoder Products Company from the USA.