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M. Mert BÜYÜKTEPE EXVATOR Asansör ve Bilişim
Hizmetleri A.Ş. - Founder

If we evaluate the country-sector developments, it takes a minimum of 20 years for a sector to catch up with world standards in any country. Turkey started the elevator industry in the 1950s. It gained momentum in the 1970s, and in the 1990s it reached the level of producing 95% of elevator parts. It is in a position to deliver its products to more than 160 countries. It has come a long way in producing high quality products that have achieved European standards with their quality.

It has started to spread the quality of Turkish products to the world, which is above the capacity of self-sufficiency due to the market density in the country. Now, Turkish products are accepted all over the world and can produce at the level of European standards.At the same time, it manages to keep up with the constantly renewed safety regulations and disability regulations.Continuously expanding the networks of logistics companies with the effect of globalization in supply markets and continuously improving its performance. Turkey has turned this into a benefit and aims to become the fastest spare parts supplier in the world.

At this point, one of the investments made by new Turkish companies is the multimarketplace system.Thanks to this system, companies that trade in the elevator industry in different countries will be able to see instant prices after becoming a member of the system.  You will be able to order the product instantly with secure payment systems. The current system will provide a great deal of confidence, as the suppliers will receive the product payments after the product is delivered.By instantly accessing tens of thousands of spare parts of different brand products in the sector, they will be able to see most of the taxes that must be paid in their country, calculate them with the fastest shipping methods and supply them in the fastest way.

In this way, you will be able to provide accurate pricing to your customers and be informed about the delivery and stock status, regardless of the time difference, without the need to communicate with anyone. Thanks to the sectoral investment that will operate in this closed system, you will increase your product range and benefit from secure payment systems without commission.

To take part in this system, it is sufficient to visit www.exvator.com and become a free member. Then you will start to see the products of companies that can deliver products to you. The products you see in this system will increase day by day and will strengthen your supply power. There is no doubt that we will be happy to see you among our family. You can always contact us for your questions and suggestions.