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How do you think the year 2020 was in the shadow of the pandemic in terms of foreign trade? 
Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the slow recovery of the UK economy, the growth was less than expected in the summer period, according to research conducted by Reuters, a monthly growth of 4.6% was recorded in GDP (gross domestic product) in the UK in August.

Following a record drop of 19.5% in April, followed by an expansion of 6.4% in July, 9.1% in June and 2.7% in May, according to the Office of National Statistics. 
The main scenario followed by the Economists in the UK is as follows: Assuming that the developed vaccine is approved early and will be available in January 2021 and the next four months, this will allow all restrictions on the pandemic to be abandoned, and if the process continues, the economy and therefore growth at the end of April. 

Which regions or countries is the market density shifting? 
The world is rising, yes it literally rising.
We are currently in the middle of the biggest urbanization wave in history. Cities occupy only 2% of the Earth's area and contain more than 55% of the world's population and the rate is expected to reach 70% by 2030. Providing living space for this vast majority means the construction of high and very high-rise buildings in the cities, as the available land in large cities is limited. The United Kingdom has accelerated this rise. While London, known as the financial center of the according to British development agency data, we are currently working on the project of more than 1,500 new high-rise buildings in the UK, most of which will be over 15 floors. These projects are world - is generally considered a 'low-rise' city, it has come to the fore with its planned and ongoing high buildings in recent years,concentrated in major cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Salford.

With the increase in construction, especially high-rise buildings, the need for high-class infrastructure and technology will also increase.

We can divide the elevator and escalator market, in the UK, into new fabrications, maintenance and repairs and modernizations.

Companies that provide service to elevators and escalators have a very profitable and fast-moving market in the sector as well as companies that make new manufacturing and modernization.

As we all know, it is very important to work at optimal efficiency with minimum downtime in order to get ahead of competitors in the service sector. For this reason, elevator and escalator companies are moving or are trying to move to a powerful service management system that simplifies and automates maintenance and reduces delays, errors and administrative costs.Smart buildings and smart elevators draw our attention at this point.

The operation of smart elevators and escalators requires an intelligent system that can collect and process data directly from elevators, and immediately initiate action to correct the problem. This system not only speeds up the response times for troubleshooting in the event of a fault, it also helps to develop a more predictive service model, enabling the maintenance company to anticipate errors before they occur and keep the system running for maximum time.

What are your foreign trade predictions for 2021?
According to the provisional foreign trade data released by the Statistical Institute of Turkey Ministry of Trade and cooperation, Turkey's exports, increased by 5.6 percent in October compared to the same month last year to 17 billion 329 million dollars and imports rose 8.4 percent percent to 19 billion 703 million dollars.

Accordingly, within the scope of the General Trade System (GTS), exports increased by 5.6 percent in October compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 17 billion 329 million dollars, and imports reached 19 billion 703 million dollars with an increase of 8.4 percent.

The foreign trade deficit increased by 34.4 percent in October compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 2 billion 374 million dollars. 

The ratio of exports to imports fell from 90.3 percent in October 2019 to 88 percent last month.

Exports decreased by 9.1 percent to 135 billion 617 million dollars in the January-October period compared to the same period last year, while imports increased by 2.2 percent to 175 billion 888 million dollars.

Our October exports grew by 5.6 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and amounted to 17 billion 333 million dollars. A figure of over 17 billion is the highest monthly export figure ever made. I hope we continue to increase these numbers. We are going through an unpredictable and critical period. Turkey's foreign trade continues to be in a much better spot than other countries.
According to the UK Elevator and Escalator Market, Competition Forecast and Opportunities, 2012-2022 reports of TechNavio, a leading market research company worldwide, growth in the UK elevator market will be driven by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) -Compound Annual Growth Rate - Expected to grow by 6.5%. In addition, in the same report, an estimated 5.8% CAGR growth is foreseen in the escalator market in the coming years.
This is great news ,for our Turkish manufacturer to enter the UK market and grow their share in the industry.

Intelligent buildings and smart elevator systems
Today, buildings meet the superior comfort provided by advanced technology. Of course, elevators that help us travel between floors in buildings also benefit greatly from the possibilities of developing technology. 

KONE is one of the companies that add "intelligence" to elevators by using technology in their designs. KONE, which is at the top of the elevator market in our country as well as in the world, responds to changing needs and expectations with its smart elevator solutions.

Intelligent destination system that  puts an  end to waiting….

The KONE Polaris ™ destination control system offers superior traffic control performance in the elevator.

It provides high comfort and convenience with its clear and understandable guidance and smart passenger grouping features. By shortening the waiting times, it ends the queues at the doors of the elevators. 

KONE's destination control systems greatly increase the comfort of buildings while improving elevator capacity and performance. Directing the users to the most suitable elevator prevents the cabins from crowding, shortens the travel time and prevents the elevator from stopping on many floors unnecessarily. While traditional elevator control systems only take into account the desired direction of travel, the KONE Polaris ™ destination control system takes into account the number of passengers waiting as well as the floors to be traveled. 

The system also draws attention with its advanced security features. The elevator system can be integrated into the building's access control system .Which, unauthorized use of elevators is prevented and the peace of the building residents is ensured. When the destination control system is used together with the KONE Access ™ solution, additional options such as user-specific door closing times, automatic elevator calls to the home floors of the passengers and voice guidance can be offered.

What are your suggestions to Turkish manufacturers  who are currently exporting or willing to do ?
The Turkish Ministry of Commerce provides numerous support in order to increase foreign trade, from finding customers while exporting, to advertising abroad, from attending fairs to finding suitable loans for your customers.
Among these supports, I would like to explain KTZ, Global Supply Chain Supports, where I work with my companies from time to time,

For our manufacturers to be a part of the supply chains of global companies,

Such as Installing new software, obtaining product quality certificates, purchasing new machines Training, Consultancy, Customer visits. By projecting your expenses expenses, you can receive 50% of your expenses as a support up to $ 1 million if approved.

Especially to get detailed information about consultancy and customer visit activities you can contact me through  this email adresses.

Miracle Engineering & Cosultancy
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Miracle Engineering & Consultancy Ltd.


"I am a mechanical engineer with 16 years of experience in the sector. I have moved my experience and portfolio to the UK for 2 years in the elevator industry and construction industry.


As Miracle Engineering & Consultancy,

We are the UK authorized representative of the company, which is one of the greater lift manufacturers in Turkey. And the choice of leading European brands, Certified by Lift Instituut, and AISI306 quality.


As, Miracle Engineering & and Consultancy we are working in the fields of making long-term supply agreements for our manufacturer which operates in sheet metal and metalworks with UK buyers.


By the way, Miracle Engineering & Consultancy is, also the UK distributor of CNC simulation MANUS software.


I started my career in one of Eskisehir’s well-established elevator construction companies in 2004, and in the following years, I realized more comprehensive works as a company partner. Despite my busy work schedule and my baby, who is only nine months old, my intense desire for self-development and education was a bit outweighed, and while I was working on the one hand, I started to do a master’s degree in manufacturing at Dumlupınar University Institute of Science. I focused on composite materials, ceramic materials, material fatigue and strength, my master thesis was on determining the damage of laminated layers as a result of low speed impact of glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite materials in a project supported by TUBITAK.


Master of Science Degree

Kütahya Dumlupinar Universty

Institute of Science ; Composite materials science 2004-2008


Here is the approved Article, can be reached:



In 2009, with the elevator project design, final control and licensing, I also turned to the mechanical installation project field in the sector, the fact that our company is a construction company at the same time gave me recognition in the field of mechanical installation project and in a short time I joined one of the preferred projects in the field of mechanical installation in Eskişehir.  Later on, I continued to develop my experience with large site projects and complex housing projects with heating, cooling, air conditioning, heat insulation and fire prevention systems projects,


I took part in the Board of Directors of the Mechanical Engineering Chamber in Year 2010,


2005-2018 Mechanical Engineering Chamber Women’s Commission Membership;

I was a speaker at the seminars we organized as the Women’s Commission.


In 2015, I was a Speaker in Engineer and Women’s Education at Kütahya Dumlupınar University, and the news about our seminar was widely covered in the press


I told about women of generations X, Y, Z in working life in our Engineer and Woman, Woman and Education Seminar at Dumlupınar University in 2016.


My presentation, in which I talked about the expectations of women of Generation X, Y and Z from business life in 2017, at the panel organized by the Turkish Engineers, Architect Chambers Union Eskişehir Provincial Coordination Board, attracted great attention from the audience. 


I was invited to Bilecik Sheikh Edebali University in 2017 to make the same presentation.


In 2017, I was the guest of the Business Chanel Turk program with Özge Vardarlı.


Until 2018, Eskisehir and all across Turkey, a leading residential, residences, schools and historic buildings I worked as a project of the author’s restoration project, there are still projects restorations, I’m the author ongoing.


In 2018, came to Britain a business person’s visa, and in London I started my engineering consulting company, and then from this day lift sector is mainly to be, to take place at the manufacturer with the UK markets from Turkey, long-term solution partnerships developed can my workspace.


With one of Turkey’s leading elevator manufacturers also we are working actively with our manufacturers who outsource production on metal and hair."