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Turkey has Taken Action for a Global Lift Brand

Upon the request of T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology, separate reports for a global Turkish Brand planned to be created in the lift sector has been prepared by Lift Industry Federation (ASFED) and Lift and Escalator Industry Association (AYSAD). In the reports, both trade bodies active in the lift sector have given their remarks and suggestions regarding the domestic and national brand creation within the light of current information regarding to the lift sector. The mutual solution in the reports of both companies prepared for creating a global Turkish Brand is to combine their companies for strength and the combination to be supported by the public.

Yusuf Atik : “A global Turkey brand in lift sector is a national issue”

This subject is a national issue, Lift Industry Federation Executive Board Director Yusuf Atik said while talking about hastening the creation of a Global Turkey Brand via incentives and support of Ministry of Industry and Technology, then he added; “A domestic global brand in the lift sector will have a striking benefit on Turkish economy. When you look at the market share and profit volume ratio of the sector, also included in our report, the lift and escalator industry is the future of the economy of Turkey. To-be created global domestic brand should be encouraged during the structure of all public bodies and private sector and it should be considered as a national issue. Just as we have prioritized the national automobile, mobile phone, defense industry, we should also prioritize the lift and escalator industry on the same level”.

“Our only need is the partnership culture”

Yusuf Atik underlined the Turkish lift sector having all kinds of infrastructure for a domestic global lift brand. Atik; “Turkish lift and escalator sector has the infrastructure of which can manufacture all parts. Turkey has many national lift factory around the country and a lot of experienced engineers. Our only need is to come together to form a partnership culture. If we can combine our strengths, we can, instead of not-existing, increase our presence”.

AYSAD, prepared 6 model suggestions for the domestic and national company

In the report titled “Global Turkish Brand in Lift Sector; Assessment and Suggestions” presented by Lift and Escalator Industry Association (AYSAD) to the Ministry officials included important determinations regarding to the Turkish Lift Sector which is approximately %5 of the newly assembled lifts around the world. According to the report, Turkish Lift industry has serious part export numbers and there are lift companies individually doing contract work in over 30 countries.

While there are 15 million lifts in service in the world as of 2018, %3 of these lifts are in Turkey. Today, the World Urbanization Ratio being %54 is expected to be at %70 levels in the year 2020 and this expectation shows signs of a larger demand in lifts.

The sector where approximately 3 thousand contractor companies are active, %95 of the market consists the elevator market of buildings up to 20 floors and the remaining %5 consists of high-rise building elevators. The production margin of companies with overseas capitals are around %25-30 while %70-75 of the production is made by domestic lift companies.

Sefa Targıt, The Executive Board Director of Lift and Escalator Industry Association (AYSAD), while explaining about the report that has been presented to the Ministry said that the Turkish Lift Sector has a significant amount of export and there are companies who are doing assemblies in over thirty countries and there is a possibility of a domestic lift assembly and manufacturing company who meets the expectations of the country. He also added that in order to create domestic and national companies in a global level, they are examining the global brands overseas in detail and in light of the information gathered, they have prepared 6 model suggestions for a domestic and national company.

We need well-equipped entrepreneurs

Targıt, while underlining the creation of each and every model is made in accordance to different needs and expectations, he stated: “It might be possible, for example, to combine the companies chosen among the current private sector companies which are active on different fields under a newly created lift contractor company, and the newly created contractor company getting special stimuluses from the public offices. Another model suggestion is that to create a new lift company which has a global aim from the partnerships of the companies in the sector. Or choosing companies which are currently active and have a lot of expertise in many fields along with a potential for improvement and references from international sales and activities, then, making them global lift contractor companies via a special improvement-support program made by public offices. The truest model will be determined by well-attended consultations. However, no matter which model suggestion is accepted, we need well-equipped entrepreneurs in order to realize national lift brands in a global scale”.