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UPSet accelerated exports in 2023

As a company, can you share with us your strategies and targets for export in the lift sector?

As UPSet Elektronik, we operate in two areas. Founded in 2002, UPSet Elektronik, which was established in 2002 and first started to produce UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), has been exporting since 2010. In the light of our experience in UPS export markets and the data we have obtained from the market research reports we have completed in the past years, we have started to export our solutions for the lift in 2023 by participating in fairs held in countries where our products are in demand. Our goals for the end of 2023 include increasing our export market share to the highest possible point and doubling the number of countries we work with at a minimum.

Competition in the sector is quite intense. As a company, how do you evaluate the competition in the export market? Also, in this context, has your competition as a company been able to gain a place in the world beyond the borders of your country or do you have such a target?

As you mentioned, competition is quite intense in the domestic market with the proliferation of domestic producers. In parallel to this, competition is also very intense in the export market, where there are both domestic producers and foreign producers. However, with the advantages of being a manufacturer, we are able to compete in the foreign market with our ability to develop the most suitable product for each market, our affordable, high quality products and fast shipping advantages. In this context, our goal in the coming years is to become a sought-after and demanded brand in foreign markets.

Which are the leading markets in Turkey's lift exports, what position do you have in these markets, to which countries and markets do you export? Which regions are your strongest in exports?

Thanks to Turkey's current geopolitical position and historical close relations, Turkey's leading markets are the Middle East, Africa, Turkic Republics and Russia due to the current Russia-Ukraine war. Our products are used both directly and indirectly in all of these countries. Among these markets, our strongest markets are North Africa and the Middle East.

What are your strategies for entering new markets? What kind of competitive advantage do you gain by establishing collaborations or partnerships in exports?

As UPSet Elektronik, in the light of the experience we have gained from our own history, we attach great importance to co-operation with professional companies with strong sales and service network in target markets. Thanks to the fact that our partners are strong in sales and service in their own markets, we can be very competitive in these markets.

As a company, what kind of expertise do you have in the production and export of elevators, what are your differences from other competitors and what are the unique advantages you offer to attract your customers?

First of all, as always, it is our priority to offer the best quality product with the most competitive price to the foreign market. If you appreciate, we will keep our other advantages as a trade secret.

You operate in a rapidly changing environment in the business world. What will be the path you will follow as a company while these changes are developing in the foreign market, how do you plan to offer innovative products and solutions to customers?

As UPSet Elektronik, thanks to our strong R&D, production and service capabilities, we are able to quickly adapt to changes in product or any other subject. As a dynamic company, we offer optimum opportunities to our customers by reading and applying these changes quickly.

Countries have their own laws, as a company, what approach do you adopt to comply with the local legislation and standards of the countries you export to other than your own country, is the process difficult?

As we mentioned before, we work with our professional partner companies in foreign markets. We receive support from our partner companies in terms of local legislation and standards and we are able to adapt thanks to their advice and guidance.

How do you plan logistics and distribution processes in your export activities? What measures do you take to ensure timely delivery to customers?

As UPSet Elektronik, we are able to offer fast supply to our customers thanks to our strong stock, which is one of our biggest advantages. In addition, thanks to the fact that we have been active in foreign markets for many years, we are able to manage the processes in an ideal way with the support of logistics companies that are our partners.

What factors come to the fore in your customers' export preferences and what approach do you adopt to meet these demands? What strategy have you determined to establish long-term relationships with your international customers, what kind of competitive advantage do you gain by establishing cooperation and partnerships in exports?

Today, with the effect of increasing competition, the top priority of our foreign customers is to get the best quality product at the most affordable price in almost every market. As our company strategy is to work with a single partner company in each country, we support our partners with our highest facilities. Accordingly, we are able to cooperate with the same companies for many years.

Which factors come to the fore in the lift preferences of your foreign customers and how do you respond to customer demands during the export process?

It is very important to establish a trust relationship with foreign customers first and foremost. This issue of trust is also in the first place in their preferences. Then, respectively, technical details, quality and competitive price are among the first choices. As UPSet Elektronik, we are working to provide these conditions to our customers.

How do you approach the export process to ensure customer satisfaction? How do you evaluate customer feedback and how do you use this feedback to improve your products?

One of the biggest opportunities for us in the sale and development of our products is of course the feedback we receive from our customers. These feedbacks are shared with the production and R&D departments by our sales and service managers and we fulfil the demands of our customers whenever possible.

How do you define the difficulties of this process in terms of competition and market search, what are the difficulties you face as a company and what do you do to overcome these difficulties?

As a company, one of the biggest difficulties we are currently experiencing is due to the global economic crisis and high inflation in the world due to the high variability of costs. In order to overcome these difficulties, we are able to diversify our material suppliers and continue to offer the most competitive products to our customers without sacrificing quality.

What are your future export targets? How do you plan to respond to the demands of the market and how do you aim to expand your export activities?

This year 2023 and in the coming years, our export targets are to increase our sales with an increasing vime as it has been so far. For this purpose, we continue market researches both with our own personnel and external sources and also continue to participate in foreign fairs.

Could you give information about your export activities for the first 6 months of 2023?

Growth was achieved compared to the previous years and as I mentioned as a region, the Middle East and Africa are among the markets that continue to rise.

Is this year's data favourable or unfavourable compared to the same period last year? Could you share your projections for the year-end 2023 based on these data?

In the light of the data currently available, the year 2023 is favourable compared to the year 2022. Accordingly, we anticipate to close the year 2023 by growing with an increasing momentum compared to 2022.