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Disinfection Controller Module

A lift car can be disinfected from all types of germs (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc) by UVC light. The germs on the surfaces of the car and in the air can be killed by a UVC lamp installed in the car. But, UVC light is also dangerous for human beings. It may cause retina damage by direct exposure of eyes. Besides, the risk of skin cancer increases when exposed to UVC light.

The UV-DCM is designed to control the disinfection procedure of the lift car by turning on and off the germicidal UVC lamp in the car to provide a safe operation. It turns on the UVC lamp only when there is nobody in the car, when the door is closed and when the lift stays at a floor level.

• Compatible with all lifts. Applicable to old lifts, as well.

• Safe turn-off of the UVC lamp. (Safety via redundancy: The UVC lamp is energized via two independent contacts, which are internally monitored to be functioning properly)

• 230VAC input from car light to control the UVC lamp

• 230VAC input for motion detector to turn-off the UVC lamp when somebody enters the car

• 2 additional 24VDC inputs for controlling the UVC lamp and for other functions.

• The type of the contacts to be connected to the 24VDC inputs can be selected as NO or NC via corresponding DIP-switches.

• Fault relay output: It is triggered when a fault of the lamp switching contacts is detected.

• Triggered-enable mode selection: To continue the disinfection process once started even if the car light is turned on during maintenance mode

• Status Relay: This relay is energized during the disinfection process. The lift operation can be blocked during this period using the contacts of this relay. To achieve this the triggered-enable mode must be selected.

• Disinfection time can be adjusted up to 60 minutes.

• Lifetime counter for the UVC lamp: The total disinfection time of the lamp is counted. The status LED flashes to alarm for lamp replacement as the lifetime of the lamp is approached.

• CAN-Bus connection to compatible lift controllers for advanced functions and features, and for remote monitoring.

• Following data can be transferred to the lift controller via CAN-Bus:

› Status of all the inputs in the module

› All DIP-switch settings (adjusted disinfection time, contact type inputs, selected functions)

› Error code

› Remaining lamp lifetime (in hours)

› Status of the disinfection (on-going / completed)

• Following functions can be controlled via CAN-Bus:

› The status relay can be programmed for other function

› Disinfection procedure can be started