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"As Vital Elevator and Vilift, we directly export about 60 percent of our production." Yakup Ünalmış the Export Manager of Vital Elevator, said that its products have reached more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Explaining that they have accelerated the accessibility of their products by making dealership agreements in some countries, Ünalmış stated that “We have recently obtained the EAC Certificate and documents required for Russia and the Eurasian Union Countries, and we are concentrating on the markets here. In 2021, we have ensured the use of our products in these regions by cooperating with customers from South America and North America, apart from our current market."

Hello Mr. Yakup. How was 2021, what are your export projections for 2022?
As a company, we set production goals for the following year at the end of each year. Until today, we have achieved these goals with small deviations. We can say that our projections for 2021 was more positive than the previous year. In our prediction for 2022, we believe that there will be a positive increase in the new year, considering that it will contribute to our country in the global conditions. We plan our goals and investment plans in this direction.

What issues are you working on for a sustainable export policy?
Quality, which is the first parameter required for sustainable export, is the most important factor that we have not neglected for years. As Vital Elevator, we strive to keep our sustainable exports alive by integrating the right material into the right system and by working meticulously from the R&D and P&D team to production planning and sales in order to avoid negative feedback.

We have planned the assembly line, test system equipment, technical infrastructure and human resources required for production, reflecting our quality, and understanding to this area, and ensured that exports become sustainable.

What kind of work are you doing to increase your market share?
We expanded our export potential by increasing the qualified human resources in our foreign trade unit. We have already formed a team that will serve German and Spanish speaking regions in addition to English, Arabic and Russian speaking regions. Thus, we can address more regions.

In addition, active overseas marketing activities are one of our important activities in increasing the market share. We reinforce these activities by taking part in international fairs and publications.

Could you tell us about your current investments and R & D studies?
As Vital Elevator, we have been producing components such as cabin suspension automatic doors for years. In addition, with the investment we made in 2021, we have been producing elevator control panels for 1 year within our own organization.

In addition, our R&D studies on electric home lift continue in line with customer demands. We are making an intense effort to produce "Home lift" soon within our own organization. In addition, we took the first steps to expand our service to Istanbul and the Marmara region by opening our Istanbul branch in order to ensure that our products reach a wider market in 2021.

How do you differentiate your organization in the industry as a company?
As Vital Elevator and Vilift, we believe that we have created a very positive impression and profile in the industry. I would like to express that we have achieved this by standing behind the products we have produced for years and considering the requests and assessments of our customers. In addition, the fact that having the most appropriate equipment required for the requested system in the system, making all the calculations of the project to be implemented exclusively for that project, and controlling and producing each project on the computer, have been a major factor in this difference.

What would you say about the main developments-events affecting our industry that you consider significant for the elevator industry in 2021?
The most significant development for the elevator industry in 2021 was the developments in the foreign exchange market, which deeply affected other industrys like ours, and the pricing instability due to inflation. It is a fact that the negative environment in the market has made it very difficult for the manufacturer, who has not been able to establish stability in cost accounting and price determination. Despite the decrease in the exchange rate, the pricing of the supply prices according to the exchange rate has not yet settled.
Our expectation is to pave the way for long-term planning and investments in other industrys as well as in our industry, after price stability is achieved.

What is the most important problem you have experienced in terms of export in our industry and what is your suggestion for a solution to this problem?
The most important problem in exports is that our price stability has not been achieved. The price changes that occur after the project pricing and during production affect the costs. However, in the collection process as per the mutual agreements, the service rendered cannot be paid for. Apart from this, the recent shrinkage of shipping and containers was a development that negatively affected exports.

How is the competition with imported products, especially products of Far East origin, in the domestic and export markets?
There is hardly any domestic competition with products of Far East origin. However, we had to compete frequently in the foreign market, especially in the Asian and African regions. However, with the removal of tax refund support to China's exporters in 2021 and the increase in freight prices, Turkish products became more competitive with Far Eastern products in the foreign market.

What is your prediction for Turkey and the world economy in 2022?
China's orientation towards its own domestic market needs and the slowdown in the global market created a great opportunity for Turkey. Provided that steps are taken in line with the right strategies and plans, the Turkish economy can be carried forward a few steps. We think that such an opportunity should be properly evaluated.

In the world economy, on the other side, there are signals that a more turbulent period will be experienced. I think that the problems to be experienced due to the contraction and inflation in the energy market, especially the European and North American countries that are not used to this situation, will feel the economic fluctuation more for a short time.

As a conclusion, would you like to say anything?
We wish the employees of our industry to be prosperous in 2022 and thank you for your magazine and all your team.