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Vital Grup in its new plant

Manufacturing automatic door systems and lift cars in the lift industry since 2012, Vital Grup Asansör Sistemleri (Vital Group Lift Systems) moved into its new plant. “In our new facility with a 12.000 square meters of area (8.000 square meters of which is indoor area) in Konya 3rd Organized Industrial Zone, we will enhance and maintain both domestic and foreign market activities”, said Sadık Muharrem Güden as the CEO of Vital Grup Asansör Sistemleri.

Sadık Muharrem Güden, as the CEO of Vital Grup Asansör Sistemleri, which was cofounded by four partners in 2012 said “Today, we are exporting our products more than 50 countries with five partners thanks to the experience we gained, along with the weight and value we attached to this business and quality. We felt the need to increase our capacity in parallel with the purpose of meeting the growing requests by our customers. With the purpose to provide services on higher quality and in a faster manner, it is a must to continuously enhance the infrastructure and production standards based on the needs. Attaching utmost importance on the technical support during and after each and every stage of the production, Vital Grup Asansör Sistemleri directs its R&D works taking the customer satisfaction into consideration, as well. For meeting the requests by our customers, we are not completely moved into our new plant, which is 12.000 square meters, 8.000 square meters of which is indoor area, in 3rd Organized Industrial Zone.”

He then ended his speech saying “We have continuously done our best to improve the journey of investment, in which we took our first step with our equity capital. We manufacture automatic doors for cabins and lift cars. It’s the business-related investments we make with our profit, instead of personal ones. Our firm keeps its manufacturing process in line with the quality standards that are world-wide recognized. Following a 7 years old journey, Vital Grup Asansör Sistemleri is now a company exporting its products to more than 50 countries in 4 continents including Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.