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AH & MET Elevator, which has been known for its quality and confidence in the elevator industry since 1998, has created its own brand in automatic door systems with “AHZ Door”.

Founded in 1998, the elevator component manufacturing and packaging to operate in elevator sales issues AH & MET Elevator, took its place among the leading leading companies in Turkey domestically east to west, north to south, creating a wide range of services. In its factory built on an area of 20.000 square meters in Konya, which produces cabin, control systems, semi and fully automatic doors, suspension and chassis, the company has also created its own brand in automatic door systems with AHZ Door.

Giving information about AHZ Door's new automatic door systems brand AHZ Door, General Manager Ahmet Madenci said that AHZ Door enables less energy consumption and soft impact comfort.

After stating to follow up the developments across the world in the sector and in Turkey, while aiming technological development and innovation with a young and dynamic team, said the following: customer-oriented service, our understanding by taking steps firmly on the future under the light of history, we will continue to serve fort he Turkish elevator sector.

Our company, which has produced control panels, revision sets, semi-automatic doors, cabinets, special chassis and automatic door frame panels for many brands in the sector for many years, has brought a new product to the sector with its own brand AHZ Door automatic door mechanism within the last year.

AHZ Door PM works quietly and long-lasting with its gearless motor. With the high-quality material we use, we have ensured that our door has the features of abrasion-prevention and mechanical silence.

AHZ Door, which provides less energy consumption and soft stroke comfort, is a product that we offer to the market with the advantages of AH & MET elevator assurance and spare parts service quality, price advantage. I believe that AHZ Door will meet an important need of our industry.

AH & MET Elevator, which has been working with the principle of high quality and timely delivery since the day it was founded, will stand by its customers without any problems with AHZ Door as in all its products.