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Yücel Polat Dörtlü Elevator

Although it will be the first time that an elevator fair is organized in Konya, I believe it will be a very qualified and successful fair. We are especially preparing to present our new products to our customers. The saying 'As goals rise, so do we' means a lot to us. Every year, we set goals for ourselves to produce a new product or to be active in new markets. And we work with all our might with our professional team to reach these goals.

Since its establishment, our company has played a very active role in the domestic market and has been one of the flag bearers in its own production area. The support given by our valuable customers since the establishment of our company has brought us to these days. Dörtlü Elevator is a company known in every region of our country. We have been an actively exporting company for the last four years. There are regions abroad that know our company very well, but the world is very large and we want to expand our foreign market share in the coming period. I especially believe that this fair will attract the attention of international visitors and thus will increase the brand awareness of our company internationally.

At the fair, we will exhibit our Elevator Safety Components and new PVC-based products for the first time. The fact that an international elevator fair will be organized for the first time in Konya and to share in Konya's success in terms of elevators both domestically and worldwide excites us. ELEVEX will be a work that will increase the prestige of both our company and our Konya in terms of elevators. We invite our domestic and international customers to the fair. The process is going very positively. I believe that if this fair is held continuously, it will provide a nice prestige. This prestige will certainly have positive contributions to company strategies.