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Can we listen to the founding story of Yükseliş Elevator?

We laid the foundations of "Yükseliş Elevator" in 1980 with our sectoral experience and entrepreneurial spirit. We have strengthened these foundations with our strong collaborations, skilled personnel and product and service quality. We have increased our product and service quality with our perspective of developing itself and also its sector. Over the years, we have determined our brand as Yükseliş to remind us of our rising and proceeded line. Our company, which started the elevator sector with semi-automatic door and elevator cabin manufacturing, has become a reliable manufacturer/supplier of complete elevator systems with a quality cooperation and high customer satisfaction we have established over time. When we look today, our comfortable and confident elevators are used in many parts of the world. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Yükseliş has pioneered the sector in many fields and has made progress, as it was thought while established. At this point, we continue to take firm steps for the future together with carriying into action of what we think and our growing team contributing to progress by embracing their business with this idea.

Could you give information about your product groups and services?

Our main product range consists of complete elevator systems, COP and LOP, slings and elevator components, especially elevator cabin and full automatic doors. As Yükseliş, we have always adopted the principle of meeting all the needs of our customers regarding elevators. We carried our quality to China, especially with special projects such as horizontal elevators and rotating elevators. When we look at the services we provide, first of all, regarding to the elevator demands of our customers, our expert engineers provide projecting service by considering the safety factor and also economy. After order, manufacturing and shipment processes, we provide remote technical support to our customers during installation. After the elevator is commissioned, we continue our after sales sarvices to the whole world with our technical and foreign trade staff.

What are your production facilities, machinery, R&D and technology studies?

Our manufacturing plant consists of 3 stages including our new premises. In the first stage, cabin, sling, COP and LOP manufacturing, in the second stage, full automatic landing and cabin doors are manufactured. In the third stage, elevator motors and safety components will be manufactured. We use CNC controlled benches and robots in production. From sheet metal cutting and bending to machining, we have been offering high quality standards of products and services to our customers for years with our wide and technological machine park in every field of production. From sheet metal cutting and bending to machining, we have been offering high quality standards of products and services to our customers for years with our wide and technological machine park in every field of production. By using 100% domestic production machinery and equipment as much as possible in our machine park, we show our support by always trusting our country. We have accelerated our efforts to become an R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology with our R&D personnel. Hold to our mission and vision, we develop our products by following the latest technology and we will continue to shape the future of elevator industry, with the products that we design by increasing our R&D investments in the coming periods.

Your export activities and goals?

As Yükseliş Elevator, we export 70% of our products to 54 countries of the world and continue our successful operations. Our export figures are increasing day by day, both with the value we give to sales and marketing issues and the long-term commercial relations we have established with our customers. Our foreign trade unit plays an active role in many areas such as desk research, social media, cooperation websites, international magazines, overseas visits, factory visits and fair participation. Our goal is to increase the number of countries we reach by preserving our quality commercial relations and at the same time expanding our portfolio.

Your investments?

We continue to invest in the elevator industry since the first day we set out. We will have reached a facility capacity of 26,500 square meters with the elevator engine production facility and test tower that we will enable in the last quarter of this year. Our elevator testing tower has currently characteristic of being the highest in Turkey, and 4th highest in Europe. There are 3 elevator shafts in our elevator testing tower and we will test 6 m / s systems here. The 3rd stage of our facility will include many complexes such as an R&D center, elevator market, logistics center, conference hall, as well as the engine production facility and test tower.

When you look at the present day of our country's economy and elevator industry, where do you see your sector and your company 10 years later?

Our country's economy tends to grow continuously in line with the 2023 targets. It is possible to predict today that we will have a much better country economy picture 10 years from now. Considering that the export capacity will increase with the confidence given by our growing economy, we increase our production and service capacity day by day. We are taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand with our investments in people and technology. After 10 years, our company, by realizing a long-term plan for the sector's production base, should be the industry pioneer in Turkey and a brand that has a voice in the world. We will continue to stay healthy and work with all our strength in order to achieve these goals.