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We talked about the fair and the Yükseliş Asansör with Gülşah Tepe, Foreign Trade Specialist of Yükseliş Asansör, which has one of the remarkable stands of the Elevator Istanbul Fair.

One of the stands that attracted attention in Asansör Istanbul belonged to Yüksel Asansör. How was the fair in terms of Yüksel Asansör?
First of all, we would like to say that we have received the attention we expected. We had visitors from many different regions of the world and Turkey. In this fair, we brought together our new product groups, which we had the chance to exhibit for the first time, with our visitors. During the fair, we took important steps for new collaborations. We have received pre-orders for some product groups. After the fair, we had visitors who wanted to visit our factory. In this way, we had the opportunity to show our production facility to a very large number of visitors at the end of the fair. In general, we can say that the fair, which was held especially this year, was very positive. 

Which of your products did you bring together with your visitors at the fair? 
At the Asansör Istanbul fair, we brought together many of our products such as doors, cabins, motors, safety components, horizontal elevators and circular elevators with our visitors. We are already a well-known brand in the production of doors and cabinets around the world. In addition, we have started the production of engine and safety components. We exhibited 3 different engines at the fair. We can list them as YM Series Rope Gearless Motor, YMP Series Polyurethane Rope Gearless Motor, YMB Series Belt Gearless Motor. Our elevator motor products, whose test stages will be completed in a short time, attracted great attention by our visitors. We also exhibited elevator safety components such as Polyurethane Bumper, Brake, Hydraulic Bumper, Roller Skating and Duplex Regulator that we are producing. This fair offered us the opportunity to bring our new products to our visitors. 

What was your most acclaimed product?
During the fair, we made a small survey application to our guests who visited our stand. As a result of this survey, we observed that the product that received the most appreciation was the horizontal elevator with the Taksim Tram concept. We can say that our tram model horizontal elevator attracted the attention of everyone from 7 to 70 who attended the fair as a visitor with both its interior design and exterior design. Our stand, which is our own design and production, has actually won the appreciation of visitors with its attention-grabbing details. 

Did you have any products that you showcased for the first time at the fair?
We had many products that we exhibited for the first time at this fair. In addition to our new cabin and door models, we had many new products and systems such as engines, bumpers, brakes, roller skates, regulators, and Destination Control System (DCS). The horizontal elevator with the Taksim Tram concept, which I mentioned before, was one of our products that was introduced for the first time. 

We aim to produce 95 percent of the elevator components in-house. We will continue to exhibit our new product groups at the fairs in the coming period. Each fair where we will introduce our new products to our visitors will be an indication that we have reached the rate we aim to produce within our own structure.

Can you tell us about your current investments and R&D studies?
We invest heavily in engine and safety components. We are accelerating component production by expanding our machine park. We continue to work with our engineer staff to bring our engine to the market. In addition, we develop all our product groups and production processes with our expert R&D team. Our new R&D center, which we will move to the 3rd stage of our factory, will be one of the largest R&D centers of our country in the sector. We have solar panels in our factory as well as electric vehicle charging stations. We will continue to make such investments for a more sustainable future.

Could you give information about your export activities for 2023?
We started 2023 very quickly in terms of exports. In the first quarter of the year, we exhibited an overseas sales performance that exceeded the forecasts in our reports. At the Asansör Istanbul Fair held in March, we had the opportunity to present all of our new products and inform our visitors about the products. In line with the pre-orders, we received at the fair this year and face-to-face meetings with company officials from many countries of the world, we aim to expand the number of countries we export to and our customer portfolio until the end of the year.