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Founded by İsmail Melih Zorlu in 2000, Zorlu Asansör continits production with 21 years of manufacturingues  experience in the elevator industry. Stating that “Specializing in the production of elevator safety components, Zorlu Asansör produces brake systems, speed regulator and hydraulic buffer with CE certificate in accordance with EN-81-20 / 50, while delivering the products to the domestic market and 45 countries directly or via package elevator manufacturers.” İsmail Melih Zorlu as the founder of Zorlu Asansör, said that Zorlu Asansör produces its products on CNC benches and with an assembly team of 70 people.

Noting that the products exported in package elevators reach cabin manufacturers, package lifters and large elevator assembly companies of the countries and bring half of the company's turnover from export activities, İsmail Melih Zorlu said that they continue their efforts to increase the export rates, mainly to Central Europe, former Soviet countries, North Africa, South America and the Middle East countries.

İsmail Melih Zorlu, adding that Zorlu Elevator has R&D plans and new product studies, continued as follows: “We believe that the rope bottle should be produced completely in accordance with (TS EN13411-6 + A1 and TS EN13411-7 + A1), even if it is not specified as a safety device. We plan to fill the gap here within a short period of time in a way that suits the principles of our company.

With the aim of becoming a world-class brand in the production of safety components, R&D processes are ongoing for a sliding safety device with a nominal speed of 4m / sec braking speed of 5,06m / sec (P + Q) 5500 kg and a hydraulic buffer with a nominal speed of 2.5m / sec, which will be patented and CE certified in a short time.

Our products are preferred in domestic and foreign markets due to their high quality and reasonable price principles. Even if our products are not the cause of the problems in pre-registration tests, Zorlu Asansör has established its superiority in domestic and foreign markets due to the after-sales service we provide. Adding more value into this by producing products that are not dared to be produced in our country gives us a spiritual pleasure. We set OUR VISION as to produce high quality products that can compete with foreign brands in order to produce high-featured elevators by domestic companies in our country.

In order to increase high quality products in our country, I think that CE certified products should be tested by neutral organizations and certified products that do not comply with EN-81-20 / 50 standards should be banned. In addition, I think it is very important that the efforts to remove the authorities of the organizations that issue certificates for these products are expedited by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. I believe that quality products will bring foreign currency to our country.

It is a fact that the preference of domestic products in foreign countries is related to the quality/price performance. However, getting rid of the habit of imposing imported product conditions on the elevator specifications of public buildings and high-quality buildings in our country will encourage our material manufacturers in this regard. The way to focus on quality will be paved for, while the import turnover will decrease and export turnover will increase. I believe that such mindset will be beneficial for the development of the country.”